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09 May 2023 – 12 May 2023

Black Hat Asia 2023


Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

Join Nokia Security at this year’s Black Hat Asia conference where you’ll get the latest in research, development, and trends in Information Security. 

Explore real-world security use cases and engage with experts to learn why an effective zero trust architecture requires maximum visibility into all users, devices, assets, and entities on the network.

Learn how you can manage unexpected risks and save on underlying costs from invisible threats with global experience you can count on. Whether you’re looking learn more about Security Consulting, Managed Security services, or the comprehensive NetGuard Security portfolio – such as NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome and NetGuard Endpoint Detection and Response, our 5G security experts can answer your questions.

At the conference, test drive new capabilities in the following demos:

  • Nokia NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome: Gain a deeper understanding for how you can protect your critical infrastructure when a trusted insider tries to breach and attack a cloud-native 5G network. In this demo, our use case demonstrates how to detect and respond to risky and abnormal user and entity behaviors in the management interface of a cloud-native 5G Core network element. 
  • Managed Security Services: In a world where 80% of security incidents are caused by misconfigurations our use case in this demo demonstrates how Nokia leverages an international setup of security operation centers and local experts with best-in-class SOAR tools using orchestration and automation of threat intelligence management, security event monitoring and incident response processes to proactively hunt 5G security requirements of critical assets.

Nokia speakers:


Nils Ahrlich, Head of Security Consulting
Friday, May 12 | 11:35 am - 12:00 pm (Business Hall Theater A)

This session provides deep insights into how applying and operationalizing security frameworks for new 5G services can be challenging due to the complexity of the system, the lack of standards, the increased attack surface, the limited security expertise, the cost, and the compliance requirements.

Organizations need to address these challenges to ensure the effectiveness of their security measures and protect against potential threats and risks.



Gerald Reddig, Global Director Product Marketing
Thursday, May 11 | 8:00 am - 8:15 am (Virtual)

NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome offers a set of pre-built use cases for network security assurance. Those use cases can be installed independently from each other. The use case implementations utilize features and functionalities from the NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome platform to ensure that threats will be detected, respective incidents will be raised and provide one or more remediation actions that can be either triggered by a human or automatically. That means a use case contains the information about the data that needs to be collected from the 5G network and also rule or AI/ML models to detect actual threats and automatically generate incidents containing all relevant information for further analysis.

Join the sessions to see the latest insights and best practice examples.