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19 Oct 2021

Synchronization in the power grid with IEEE1588 webinar

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Our experts will explain why it’s more important than ever to have a consistent time reference across the grid, and how you can achieve that using IEEE1588. We’ll show you how IEEE1588 works, and in partnership with GNSS/GPS, to distribute timing signals across the grid and around substations. You’ll learn about a network architecture that reliably distribute timing with accuracy measured in microseconds, to enable the most demanding grid applications.

Whether you are evolving your teleprotection, want to improve network redundancy and resiliency, or are already planning to improve your synchronization, this webinar is for you.

Key topics:

  • The fundamentals of IEEE1588 technology for time synchronization;
  • The network requirements for the IEEE1588 hierarchy; and
  • A blueprint for synchronization across the electrical grid.



  • Hansen Chan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nokia
  • Rob Wright, Senior Consultant, IP Routing, Nokia