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COP26 read what we did at COP26 climate conference

A time for action

COP26 UN Climate Change conference is here. The time for talk is over. Individuals, governments, corporations and whole communities now need to actively change how we live, work and do business. Digitalization and climate action are inseparable. We must accelerate digitalization, embrace collaboration, and develop a sustainable ecosystem to achieve the global goals.

Why not join us on an EU panel on 1st November or listen in to the GSMA panel on Wednesday 3rd November.

Empowering young people in Morocco

UNICEF and Orange Foundation 


© Youssef Laafou/UNICEF 2021

Children and climate change

Children protesting for climate

© UNICEF/UN0540772/Mawa

100% renewable by 2025

Our new aim for our own facilities

Our CEO Pekka Lundmark talks no green without digital

Nokia CEO and President Pekka Lundmark discusses the role of technology in the green energy transition on the sidelines of the #COP26 meeting in Glasgow with CNBC’s Julianna…

Roadmap to carbon reduction

Roadmap to carbon reduction

Explore more about climate action

Decarbonizing supply chains together

Decarbonizing supply chains together

Explore more about climate action

Evolving the energy industry

Evolving the energy industry

Explore more about climate action

How can CSPs improve network energy efficiency?

How can CSPs improve network energy efficiency?


Industry pathways to net zero

First Movers Coalition

Nokia joins as founding member



Supply chain climate engagement

Beyond our own operations, we work hard with our supply chain on measuring and disclosing climate data and setting targets and implementing improvement plans. And our results last year were better than ever

Explore our work with suppliers

The Role Of Technology In Achieving Sustainability


Orange goes circular

A new goal for our industry: broadband zero

Broadband zero

50 percent

reduction in carbon emissions across our value chain by 2030 (Scopes 1, 2 and 3). Our single Science Based Target.

54 percent

less energy used on average by modernized customer base station sites in 2020.

50 percent

reduction in carbon emissions agreed target with component suppliers by 2030.

Climate recognitions


Our sustainability report – People and Planet 2020