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2022 is fast becoming the year of the packet core

2022 is fast becoming the year of the packet core

With mid-summer behind us, we quickly find ourselves in the second half of 2022. The year seems to have flown by with the past six months seeing many notable developments in the realm of the packet core. Let’s have a brief look at six of the most prominent.

  1. Omdia’s very first 5G Core Competitive assessment report ranked Nokia’s portfolio number one on the market. To see why, read the report.
  2. More communications service providers (CSPs) are deploying 5G Stand Alone networks as they recognize the technology’s possibilities. One of the most recent milestones was the DISH 5G network, launched using Nokia solutions over AWS public cloud. Discover more.
  3. The telco world’s adoption of technologies from the IT realm continues its relentless rise with many expected to reach maturity in the next couple years. In a fascinating video, Nokia’s Marcelo Madruga, Head of Technology and Platforms at Core Networks, gives an excellent overview of the innovations. Watch the video.
  4. While new technologies promise much, some CSPs raise legitimate concerns about the risks of implementation and potential monetization barriers. Nokia’s Keith Allan, Packet Core Product Manager at Nokia, addresses such fears in his blog.
  5. “Against facts there are no arguments!” That’s what they say. This is why we ran our Cloud Packet Core round table entitled “Let´s talk facts!” I was joined by both Marcelo Madruga and Keith Allan for a lively discussion which gained some excellent feedback. Watch the session.
  6. Finally, may I point you to my recent blog describing the six main factors CSPs must bear in mind when selecting a 5G core network vendor. Read the blog.

Now, what about the second half of 2022? Well, I know how busy many of you are, so we have decided to create a series of short videos over the coming months to keep you updated on the latest packet core developments. I will be presenting these videos and we will be sure to alert you when a new one is released. Please take a few minutes to watch them and give us your feedback. Thanks, and I wish you a successful remainder of the year.

Mike Hawley

About Mike Hawley

Mike Hawley is Head of Mobility Management Packet Core R&D at Nokia, and has over 30 years of experience in wireless networks, with leadership roles in product management, pre-sales, systems engineering, and his true love, R&D.  Mike is a passionate and charismatic leader, and he holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame (Bachelors) and the University of California, Berkeley (Masters).  When he’s not enabling brilliant engineers to turn their ideas into products and features in the real world, you can find him designing and building wood furniture or taking pictures of our planet’s beauty.

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