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Altiplano Application Marketplace opens up the full power of SDN in access

Altiplano Application Marketplace opens up the full power of SDN in access

Cloud and automation are fundamental aspects for every network operator. However, defining this opportunity too narrowly with monolithic legacy software suites almost guarantees failure. In fact, it’s difficult to respond effectively to market demands if your network tools are not open and extendable.

We recognize that the tools you use today might not be the ones you need tomorrow. And we’re pleased to offer exactly this flexibility for broadband network operators. Our new application framework opens up the Altiplano platform for developers, partners and customers to create and combine applications for it through a digital marketplace.

With software-defined networking in the access network (SDAN), we can now benefit from the ability to write applications that sit on platforms through open APIs and create new or additional value for network operators. SDAN brings programmability and IT-like agility to the network, allowing apps that use the network controller’s power and intelligence to automate operations, detect and fix faults, and provide insights for network planning and optimization. These apps can all be integrated in Altiplano’s closed-loop automation framework using intent-based networking, for service fulfilment, assurance and optimization purposes. It allows the delivery of digital experiences that are fresh and made to fit an operator’s unique way of working.

The first thing we did was to expand the Altiplano software development kit (SDK) for 3rd party developers, so Altiplano can be customized and extended beyond its core functionality, to automate, but also to enable easier integration. We provide the Altiplano SDK through our Altiplano Developer Portal. There’s also a virtual lab environment to test as you go. This makes it easy to build or integrate applications.

The beauty of our application framework is that operators do not need to build everything from scratch, they can also tailor the built-in applications that come with Altiplano without requiring weeks of development by professional software engineers. In addition, Altiplano has an easy-to-adopt automation framework (with intent, workflow, policy and TCA engines) to automate complex operational processes. What was in the past a 12-month OSS waterfall project can now be implemented in a couple of weeks.

Fig 1.

Finally, you need to make new applications easy to deploy, which is why we’ve opened the Altiplano Application Marketplace on Nokia’s B2B digital ecosystem. We’re building an active community of developers for this digital marketplace and we already have a set of Nokia applications available, such as the Bandwidth Sharing Optimizer to improve fair peak rate availability to all PON users, and ONT Easy Start to automate the ONT activation process. Please explore the catalog for more applications that increase the operational efficiency and improve customer experience in three areas:

  • Network Automation to optimize network, service and subscriber operations.
  • Network Insights to improve quality, design and planning of networks.
  • Network Support for pro-active monitoring, analysis and incident management.

The choice is really important, because every network is different. Every operator has their own mix of skills and resources to run their network. And every operator has different network and business priorities. So, it stands to reason that they will need different applications, or tailored versions of standard applications.

This ability to easily customize applications or build new ones, and to seamlessly combine Nokia, third-party and self-developed applications in the same environment, becomes really valuable, and opens up the full power of software-defined networking to every operator.

Each application represents an operational efficiency, a time saving, or a monetization opportunity. Much like mobile apps gave us the ability to tailor our smartphone into a multi-tool that makes our lives easier.  

And that should make every operator appy. Sorry: happy.

For more on the Altiplano Application Marketplace and development framework, visit our solution page.

Filip de Greve

About Filip de Greve

Filip De Greve is Product Marketing Director for the Fixed Networks division at Nokia. In that role, he is focused on the go-to-market for innovative fixed access broadband solutions. Filip has over 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry and held various roles on provider and supplier side providing leadership in executing projects, technical consultancy and customer delivery. He holds a Ph.D. in the Telecommunications and Information Technology from the University of Ghent, Belgium.

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