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Creating cable networks for a post-COVID world


The global crisis caused by COVID-19 has had a seismic effect on almost every aspect of our lives and many industries are having to make significant adjustments towards this “new normal”.

The cable industry is no exception and, in fact, has a major role to play in the current environment. The pandemic has caused a dramatic spike in online activity as millions of people have been forced to go into lockdown at their homes. This is forcing them to alter their normal lives and make them more dependent on networks and connectivity to interact with colleagues, family and friends. 

Beyond the immediate, short-term tweaks they have done to quickly adapt to changing traffic patterns on their networks and keep them running smoothly, this has placed significant pressure on the way cable operators will create, deliver, and manage their services going forward. They must innovate with new network technologies and architectures that will allow them to deal with the permanent changes in consumption such as higher levels of downstream and upstream traffic, more off-peak connectivity, more simultaneously connected devices and more latency-sensitive applications for example. Then they must shift to smarter network operations and insight-driven proactive customer care that streamline and sustain these new behaviors.

The cable industry has a long track record of successful transformation and operators know that meeting new customer expectations is always a challenge on networks designed for an old world. What COVID-19 has done is make cable operators keenly aware of the need to accelerate their network evolution plans.

The optimal, and fastest, migration path is to augment existing infrastructure with state-of-the art broadband technologies. This can be achieved by blending head-end and core assets with high-performance IP/optical networking, adopting fiber deep and astutely applying virtualization. By doing this, operators can move rapidly to low-latency, high-speed, multi-gigabit networks that are fit for purpose in today’s and tomorrow’s digital world.

Nokia clearly understands the challenges inherent in this transformation and has deep expertise in the technologies needed to address them, from a comprehensive portfolio of wireless technologies and solutions, to high-performance scalable infrastructure —and much more. In short, we build the networks without limits that are needed in a post-COVID world. Please visit our website to learn more.

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