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EE and Mobile Edge Computing ready to rock Wembley stadium

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Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), which is now the well-known industry term that encompasses Nokia’s Liquid Applications solution, celebrated its first birthday in September this year. So what’s new twelve months on? Firstly, the number of MEC participants is now over 60, representing infrastructure vendors, mobile operators, IT companies and application developers. Secondly, and even more significant is the traction MEC is creating to advance mobile broadband networks and expand the possibilities of the connected world.

Nokia and EE rock Wembley

At the recent Connected Stadium Summit, held at Wembley Stadium, UK operator EE demonstrated the power of Mobile Edge Computing. An application called Edge Video Orchestration (EVO) shared live video of both a football match and a simulated security scenario to multiple screens with less than 1 second latency. The demonstration was the first of its kind in the UK and was shown to IT and technology directors of some of the world’s largest venues, including the All England Club which hosts Wimbledon.

EE demonstrated the capability of a high-performance and scalable solution suitable for deployment at the edge of the mobile network, with data processed and stored in a distributed manner.

Nokia and EE rock Wembley

One option for the MEC platform is Nokia’s AirFrame server, part of our AirFrame Data Center Solution. The Nokia AirFrame Data Center Solution includes the necessary hardware, software and services that can adapt to the various applications, including common IT, and support the more demanding telco applications, including those that will be imposed with future connectivity, such as MEC and 5G.

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