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Make 5G your simplest and best deployment yet

To deliver ultra-fast, ultra-low latency performance, 5G networks must be tightly integrated, with every component and sub-system running in perfect harmony.

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have always had to integrate and test network infrastructure. It takes time and cost, but it is all reasonably straightforward and the work pays off by helping to ensure a great customer experience.

But, it’s often  said, 5G changes everything.

While 5G will open new business opportunities, it does involve greater network design complexity. Traditional network planning is based on dimensioning for capacity and is performed manually by separate teams, each responsible for their own network domain; radio access, transport, core network and integration of the operations support system (OSS).

Connecting infrastructure and processes within each network domain, between the domains and with the CSP’s IT systems is no longer realistic post-deployment. Attempting to do so would take too long, delaying the launch of 5G services, resulting in high costs and ultimately risking degraded quality of service for customers.

Learn the three ‘Pre’s - Pre-design, Pre-integration, Pre-testing

To help CSPs simplify their deployments and accelerate time to market, we’ve launched the Nokia 5G Future X solution. Founded on our Future X architecture, the solution simplifies 5G deployment dramatically. This is because the solution is built on three pillars:

  • Pre-design: Nokia 5G solutions take advantage of the cloud native and open 5G Future X architecture to leverage the latest technology developments
  • Pre-integration: Nokia 5G products feature comprehensive pre-deployment integration for faster time to market and lower implementation costs
  • Pre-validation: Each use case for 5G is validated before deployment. Performance evaluation and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis are performed jointly with the CSP at the Nokia 5G Future X Lab.

Reducing the amount of time CSPs spend on testing and trials reduces costs and allows faster time to market, essentially de-risking the deployment.

By thinking and acting more broadly than ever before, CSPs can unleash the full potential of 5G. A trusted partner with the broadest portfolio and deepest expertise across telecom and IT domains is the key to success.



Find out more in our Executive Summary: Nokia 5G Future X: the ultra-optimized solution to de-risk your 5G deployment

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Volker Held

About Volker Held

At Nokia, Volker is combining the technology and business side of innovation. He is a 5G veteran and the co-author of the famous 5G triangle with the three 5G use cases. Volker was leading Nokia’s 5G market development activities for several years. Right from the early days of 5G he has been advocating for the transformative benefits of the technology for enterprises.

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