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EuCNC & 6G Summit

EuCNC & 6G Summit

June 3-6, 2024


EuCNC & 6G Summit

03 Jun 2024


BE, Antwerp, Flanders Meeting & Convention Center



The EuCNC & 6G Summit 2024, scheduled from June 3 to 6, serves as a nexus for cutting-edge research and renowned industries, drawing global participation. As the proud Diamond Patron of the conference, Nokia firmly believes that 6G technology will liberate human potential in an inclusive and sustainable manner. 


In recent years, the event has consistently attracted over 700 delegates from more than 40 countries worldwide. Participants convene to present and deliberate upon the latest findings, complemented by an exhibition featuring over 50 exhibitors showcasing technology advancements in the field. 


This year's summit unfolds in Antwerp, a city that houses Nokia Belgium and serves as a vibrant innovation hub for Bell Labs. Our longstanding collaborations with local telecommunications leaders in Belgium have propelled us to the forefront of innovation, particularly in broadband access and 5G technology. Together, we have pioneered groundbreaking initiatives, such as pioneering tests of RAN slicing capabilities and establishing the world's premier nationwide drone network. Notable achievements include the deployment of 25G PON technology in Antwerp and the development of maritime use cases at the port of Antwerp, underscoring our relentless commitment to shaping the future of connectivity.


The conference venue is the esteemed Flanders Meeting and Convention Center Antwerp, fondly known as "A Room with a Zoo," located at Koningin Astridplein 20-26, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium.