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SReXperts - Exhibition

September 13-15

SReXperts 2022 Americas

13 Sep 2022

08:00 EDT

US, FL, Orlando

Come and see demos of our latest hardware and software solutions including Coherent Routing, automation, and some exciting new hardware solutions as well. Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect:

Edge Network Controller: Cloud- native network automation

See how the Nokia Edge Network Controller is used to configure an edge cloud IP network using the Kubernetes API. Learn how we use the Nokia Virtualized Service Router (VSR) and the Edge Network Controller in an infrastructure-as-code style to combine configuration and monitoring of virtualized applications, together with network devices, in a cloud-native manner.

Nokia Adaptive Cloud Networking: Seamless operations across clouds and networks

Learn more about Nokia Adaptive Cloud Networking and see how end-to-end IP network services can be implemented across multiple IP domains (data center, WAN, edge cloud) in under 20 seconds using templates and a single Kubernetes API.

Converged wireline and fixed-wireless access gateway

See how both wireline access and fixed wireless access (FWA) can be supported on the next-generation Nokia Broadband Network Gateway (BNG). We’ll demonstrate how CUPS can be used to support a mix of different sessions (PPPoE, IPoE, LAC, NAT and FWA) on the Sx-N4 interfaces between the control and user planes. 

Getting the most out of the Nokia Service Router Operating System (SR OS) segment routing toolbox

Discover how traffic engineering can be applied to the various flavors of segment routing. These include SR-TE LSPs, BGP SR Policy, Flexible-Algorithm (Flex-Algo) for SR-MPLS and Flex-Algo for SRv6. Find out what is possible for path placement and optimization. Discuss the advantages of using a central controller vs. the overhead required to deploy it.  

A new dimension in NSP assurance

Discover how Nokia NSP assurance has evolved to tackle configuration drift across physical objects such as access ports as well as logical objects such as routing and QoS policies. This assurance works across both classic and model-driven Nokia SR OS networks. See new dashboards and unified OAM and statistics collection and reporting applications.

Find out how the new NSP intent-based service fulfillment enables better service life-cycle control, providing increased flexibility and customization.

Containerlab: Networking labs with a Docker UX

Discover how Containerlab can help you build networking labs with a Docker User Experience. Find out how to bridge DevOps practices with networking tasks and take your lab to a whole new level.

pySROS: Enhanced SR OS flexibility with Python

Learn how the Python 3 for the Nokia SR OS (pySROS) library makes it easier for you to use Nokia SR OS model-driven management interfaces. See use cases demonstrating customized SR OS CLI commands, locally executed on-box automation and remotely executed off-box scenarios.

Did you know that, using on-box executions, pySROS can directly access the configuration and state information for Nokia and OpenConfig models, whereas for off-box executions, pySROS acts as a model-aware NETCONF client? Stop by the demo to learn more.

Making the data center fabric agile with Fabric Services System Connect

Learn about the Nokia Fabric Services System, an intent-based data center fabric management and automation product, and its new Connect service. Find out how Fabric Services System Connect bridges the gap between the world of applications and the network services that support them.

Coordinated management for 400ZR+ pluggable coherent routing solutions

Find out how the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) provides coordinated management of coherent routing solutions across IP and optical layers. See how the NSP manages router interconnections using 400ZR+ pluggable optics over a ROADM line system.

Nokia Deepfield: Big-data IP network analytics and DDoS security

Get detailed, real-time insights about applications and services running across your network. Learn how to keep your customers and infrastructure safe from all types of DDoS attacks (including botnet DDoS). Visit our demo to discover the power of Nokia Deepfield network intelligence and security applications.

Learning and certification

Stop by the learning and certification demo for the latest in Nokia IP and optical learning and certifications, to speak with an expert, and to develop your learning plan. In addition, you’ll get access to exclusive offers, including free exams, select certification self-study bundles, select free eLearning, and more.

Simplifying network engineering through automation

Find out how you can simplify engineering and operations with Nokia Professional Services’ state-of-the-art automation portfolio. Learn more about using NTA test automation coupled with DTaaS virtual network replication to accelerate your network validation and then using CNV automated verification before and after network upgrades to support comprehensive life cycle management.

Leveraging NSP for Network Automation

Demonstrating Use Cases for Network & Service Discovery, Service Fulfilment, Network Lifecycle Management.

Nuage Networks SD-WAN service evolution

See how the Nuage Networks SD-WAN platform helps service providers deliver an easily consumable managed SD-WAN service to enterprises.

Our new look!  Nokia IPR Customer Documentation

We’re listening to your feedback! Nokia’s IP routing customer documentation team is enhancing and modernizing our IP routing product documentation. In this demo, we’ll give you a sneak peek at our new look – showcasing the 7750 SR online guides for Release 22.10. We’ll also demonstrate how you can now use Google to more easily access our documentation.

Open Scalable Transport

Open Scalable Transport - Nokia is a leader in open scalable optical transport solutions. Come see our latest C+L line system, transponder technology and the software to enable it. We will also demonstrate solutions for both telco and datacenter environments.

Leading the SLTE market with Nokia solutions

This demo will highlight Nokia's industry leading Subsea offering. We will focus on our latest transponder technology which allows for continuous baudrate adjustment thus optimizing capacity and cost. Spectrum sharing for open cable systems will also be shown along with applications for management and commissioning.

Nokia PSE: leading the race of coherant DSPs & pluggables

This demo showcases an overview of the full vertical integration capabilities used in Photonic Service Engines, from DSPs to optical front end, including design & module integration. This will explore the use of state-of-the-art technologies as part of the current 5th generation coherent technology and a look into the upcoming technology milestones.

Network and business process automation

This corner offers a guide to network operators through Nokia’s comprehensive approach towards network automation. Live demonstrations will showcase the basic building blocks for network management and control, together with WaveSuite software applications for operation and business automation, and how to create an «automation workflow» to provide specific business outcomes via Digital Process Automation. Combining WavePrime professional services and WaveHub open ecosystem environment to implement network automation in the field.

Wavehub market-oriented innovation ecosystem and LRA - Live Reporting Application

Wavehub, Nokia’s market-oriented ecosystem program, was created to connect with a global ecosystem of innovators to develop new ways to unlock the value in optical networks, through open interfaces, enabling multi-vendor interoperability, simplified network operations, analytics and agile service introduction, translating innovative ideas into commercially viable products. The WaveHub corner will showcase our WaveHub Labs comprising of our software portfolio and simulated network environments as well as some innovative partner solutions that extend the value of our WaveSuite Software and our quantum-safe security solution.

25GS PON – the next step in PON

Fixed Networks, part of Nokia infrastructure, focuses on the evolution of last mile broadband fiber offerings, not only for PON and P2P in access but also in the quest for providing differentiated offerings for Gigabit in home experience.  The demo will provide a demonstration of multiple access technologies demonstrating coexistence between GPON, XGS and 25GS PON. The end to end demo will showcase in-home connectivity with advanced residential WiFi management and demonstrate increased bandwidth capabilities compared to mainstream GPON and XGS offerings. The demo will show a selection of Nokia OLT, ONT and WiFi beacon equipment and WiFi management capabilities.

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