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IP Migration for Defense

Migrate aging mission-critical networks to a unified IP-based broadband network


The Nokia IP Migration for Defense solution helps defense organizations and their forces migrate their ageing mission-critical networks to a new unified IP-based broadband network to support current and future applications without mission impacts.

Network transformation for information superiority

With legacy networks reaching end of life, it is imperative to migrate legacy critical applications to an IP-based network to avoid potential mission impacts. Nokia has the breadth of expertise to seamlessly migrate to next-generation smart WAN with full legacy interoperability, ensuring your mission-critical operations are uninterrupted.

TDM migration for defense

The solution offers a reliable, secure, converged, end-to-end communication network infrastructure that incorporates industry-leading IP/MPLS, optics, microwave, fixed access, and network and service management products.

The Nokia Critical WAN infrastructure solution provides convergence, simplified operations, a quality of service guarantee for mission-critical applications, and smooth migration from legacy to all-packet networks.

Infographic illustrating migration advantages

Solution highlights

  • Native legacy interfaces for IP/MPLS transport (RS-232/V.24 serial, E&M, FXS/FXO, SONET/SDH/PDH)
  • Full interoperability with legacy networking technologies such as TDM, frame relay and ATM
  • IP/MPLS-based VPN technologies for Ethernet (layer 2) and IP (layer 3) services to support new applications
  • Enable future evolution to software-defined networking (SDN) and cloud

Benefits and features


Assured quality of service (QoS) for high application performance to support your missions

  • IP/MPLS provides deterministic delay and jitter characteristics to support media-rich real-time applications
  • Ensure delay requirements are constantly met while jitter is minimized and absorbed

Flexible network synchronization for high communication integrity

  • Agile network synchronization options to preserve end-to-end legacy TDM circuit timing

Utmost resiliency for vital data transmission

  • Multi-fault resiliency
  • SONET/SDH-speed recovery


End-to-end security for all-connected operations

  • Secure-by-design
  • Defense-in-depth framework
  • Encryption, firewall and DDoS mitigation

Versatile network services

Seamless migration with maximum flexibility

  • Interoperate with legacy applications
  • Embrace new and emerging applications
  • Unified and simplified network management for provisioning and network operations

Solution elements

The IP migration for defense solution includes Nokia’s industry-leading IP routing, microwave and optical transport portfolio:

IP/MPLS router portfolio

Transport portfolio

Unified network manager

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