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Supply chain and logistics

Supply chain and logistics

Realize your Supply Chain 4.0 operation. Intelligent, automated, digitalized, end-to-end.

The introduction of accessible and easy-to-deploy technologies have opened a wide range of automation and digitalization opportunities for Supply chain and Party Logistics (PLs) companies. 1PL, 2PL, 3PL and 4PL companies can make the move to the Supply Chain 4.0 era and capture the extraordinary benefits:

  • Reduce costs by minimizing supply chain resource waste
  • Improve cycle time by operating with greater efficiency
  • Build transparency with accurate, real-time end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Adapt to changing demand with flexible supply patterns
  • Customize and personalize order delivery experiences for end customers
  • Prepare for future applications and growth with expanded data centers.

Gaining the full advantage from your Supply Chain 4.0 operation requires a resilient and pervasive, high-performance network infrastructure.

Move your operation forward with Supply Chain 4.0

High-performance networks assure that at every step of the journey from the moment an order arrives, to how it’s handled in your warehouse, until it reaches the end user, it travels with speed, efficiency, safety, flexibility and in constant contact.

Digitization and automation in campuses

  • Non-stop, continuous operations of AGVs/AMRs and robots/cobots
  • Pervasive wireless coverage and network resiliency for critical operations
  • Enhanced sensing and situational awareness for worker and workplace safety
  • Always connected IoT devices, people and operations - enabling digital twin
  • Massive bandwidth and low latency connectivity for AI/ML, AR/VR applications
  • Edge computing and data center evolution to improve efficiency and productivity.

Global asset management

  • Precision indoor positioning
  • GPS/cellular outdoor positioning
  • Global tracking and condition monitoring for better control.

Get Supply Chain 4.0 ready with these essential building blocks

With Nokia as your trusted network partner you can put these building blocks into action for an intelligent, digitalized and automated supply chain.

Warehouse automation

Cost pressures, tougher SLAs, booming eCommerce markets and global impacts such as pandemics and supply chain issue have pushed warehouses to utilize more robots and automated systems to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Adding AI/ML and AR/VR applications further improves productivity and reduces errors.  Connecting these assets and applications over a high-performant, reliable network ensures maximum uptime of your operations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Get ready for a future where all things are connected – thanks to new and advanced sensors available in the market. Warehouses are already employing temperature, health monitoring, energy, light, structural and machine sensors for a wide range of uses cases. Whether it is worker safety, predictive maintenance or facility management – IoT improves situational awareness inside and outside your warehouse.

Global asset tracking and condition monitoring (including indoor precise positioning)

Understanding the estimated time of arrival of assets to warehouses, diagnosing unhealthy or disrupted supply chains, or providing improved customer service (full visibility of their supply chain) are just a few of the reasons why asset tracking is so important. Precise indoor positioning helps you improve personnel safety and know the location and security of all your assets.

Digital twin and advanced analytics

Information from all data sources inside the warehouse as well as the rest of the supply chain can provide better visibility and support digital twins to optimize operations for improved performance. In addition, advanced analytics help you make real-time business operations decisions, bringing further productivity to your business.

High-performance enterprise cloud networks

If you are looking to fuel your operation with intelligent data and AI applications, you need a data center fabric that is up to the task.  Modernized data centers offer open, extensible, secure, cloud-native architectures designed to open new opportunities for enterprises by taking advantage of modern intent-based operations and the ease of cloud-consumption models.

Industry-first Private Wireless TCO Calculator

Accelerate digital transformation and optimize your TCO! Compare wireless connectivity network scenarios by simulating your industry site.

Put industrial-grade private wireless to work for your supply chain operation

  • Support your demanding warehouse and distribution requirements with robust, high-performance infrastructure
  • Get reliable connectivity and pervasive coverage for even the most demanding environments
  • Support your automated warehouse operations with 100s of AGVs and Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Rapidly deploy the high-speed bandwidth you need for new video analytics applications for enhanced security, quality assurance, and operational analytics
  • Deliver massive IOT connectivity for analytics, condition-based monitoring and Digital Twins
  • Converge multiple wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, LoRa/SigFox/PMR) on the same network to simplify management and optimize performance.
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Accelerate enterprise cloud network automation and innovation

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