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Creating the future


OuluGarage is a scene for innovating and co-creating together. With our local Production and RnD we have an opportunity to get ideas, immediately, into practice.

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As the world is changing faster and faster, our skills are constantly improving. As Nokia strategy updates, our competence need to fulfill and excel business requirements.


Our aim is to inspire people, to engage them in an innovative mindset, and to encourage them to keep learning new things. We work together to produce and improve Nokia’s innovative products, services and solutions.

What we offer

OuluGarage has a demo and innovation laboratory. We offer activities, prior request, for customer visits, IoT training sessions, and a variety of trainings and activities for school visits, and university students.


We offer multiple kind of trainings, from courses for primary school students, to university research thesis work. Some courses provide an abstract overview of IoT–technology area, while others are focused on hands-on trainings with IoT-systems. Some courses are also linked together with internet web-based training.

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