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Invent with Nokia 

Pioneer the future of industry and society with your ideas

Partnerships that work for you

As long as you and your co-inventors own the rights to your invention, you can choose from different partnership routes. 

You can also submit your idea at any point in development. So whether you need to keep your invention confidential, or you just have the idea which may be a potential invention, we’ll have the right partnership.

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Invent with a partner

How you’ll benefit

As well as different partnership options, you’ll gain:

Generous rewards

earn up to €75,000 for transferring your IP rights for an invention

Personal recognition

you’ll be named an inventor in the filed patent application

Tailored feedback

an in-depth assessment of your idea from a Nokia expert

Best of breed technology

we’re pioneering the future where networks meet cloud

Collaborative advantage

knowledge sharing through blogs and newsletters

Secure, straightforward process

thanks to our state-of-the-art invention platform

Brand recognition

as a B2B technology innovation leader, we’re career-enhancing for inventors

€1000 for referring an inventor

Invite an inventor to submit an idea and earn a referral bonus

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A history of innovation

How it started

Portable telephone


Sheldon Phillips, Gregor Magnuson, Frank Nuovo


Des. 396,230


Sept 20th 1996


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Where it's going


Our IoT innovations are accelerating the digitalization of industry and society for sustainable growth. We’ve end-to-end IoT capabilities. These bridge connectivity, analytics, security and platforms for device management and data collection. By developing new IoT services including a network grid and IoT platform, we’re making high-performance connectivity more consumable, enabling organizations to capture the right data, manage it securely and use it to generate critical insights.


Nokia is delivering the next evolution in critical networking: networks that sense, think and act. Recognising the enterprise, industrial and consumer potential of 5G, we are leading the way in inventing essential technologies for the standard. Our 5G technologies push the boundaries of innovation and bring digital to people, places and industries not yet served. Through the 3GPP standards body, we are in the process of making 5G-Advanced happen, with the first release of 5G-Advanced scheduled for 2024.

Microgrid technology

As the deepening climate crisis and energy poverty highlight the need to evolve away from fossil fuels, Nokia is pioneering microgrid technology. A self-contained grid that uses renewable energy, batteries for energy storage and generators to produce power, microgrids provide communities access to more sustainable energy. AI, 5G and IoT technologies help us connect, manage and monitor renewable sources, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of microgrid infrastructure.

Webscale networking

Nokia’s webscale networking solutions are delivering the next generation of the cloud. They are opening up secure networks for innovation and collaboration and enabling the creation of new digital services and applications by businesses and their partners. Operational efficiency is improving at the same time as service lines are growing. Webscale networking enables a range of web-based businesses to scale their infrastructure, from internet exchange providers through data centre operators to hosting providers.

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