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Use Case:

In-flight broadband internet access with LTE air-to-ground (A2G) solution

The innovative Nokia LTE A2G solution allows airlines to offer passengers access to online services using their own devices with reliability and speeds previously only available on the ground. Because the live connection allows the transfer of information at any time, leisure travelers can enjoy live TV on flights while business passengers can use advanced services like video conferences.

LTE Optimized for A2G

A2G LTE complements satellite communications while providing unprecedented levels of performance for in-flight connectivity. Built upon off-the-shelf technology, the onboard aircraft equipment is modular and highly versatile. It includes one or two small antennas along with a compact and low-weight A2G On Board Unit (OBU) with a transceiver that acts as a hub and ground interface.


Secure, mission-critical architecture

LTE-based solutions use a mission-critical, all-IP architecture that provides the high availability required by airlines and their customers. This also allows operators to build a complete, highly cost effective end-to-end network, including core, backhaul, LTE Radio Access Network (RAN) and modem or end-user devices. What’s more, end-to-end quality of service, allows mission-critical services and passenger connectivity on the same infrastructure.

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