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Keeping your customers in the game

Staying ahead of the competition demands higher capacity, increased bandwidth and lower latency.

Mobile is opening up the world of gaming, making it accessible to millions. People won’t need high-end PCs or consoles to play online. Gamers will be able to be the last player standing in an epic battle or have the best lap of their lives wherever they go.

5G will undoubtedly deliver low latency, more capacity and reliability, but success depends on scaling services to meet demand — in the moments that matter. Nokia connects enterprises and people to experiences in the moments that matter, so every player gets the connectivity they need to stay in the game.

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Be more agile

Network slicing is a key element of 5G, enabling you to provide discrete levels of service to ensure optimal performance of applications. But managing these slices can be complex. We simplify that complexity, making it easier to offer slices to both business partners and customer groups, so you can go to market faster with all your offerings.

White paper: Tomorrow’s Agile Operations

Grow revenue

Personalize offers to your customers and respond to their needs instantly. Our monetization solution is designed for 5G and Internet of Things, allowing you to focus on growing loyalty, revenue and delivering a superior experience in the moment.

White paper: Monetize experiences

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Reduce delay

Reaction time is everything, and edge computing reduces network delay. When customers are gaming on the go, you can provide seamless, consistent service by automatically relocating applications to the most optimal server. Now whether they want to experience seamless Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), or stream a high definition multiplayer game, winning performance is assured.

White paper: Expand network capabilities

Offer awesome experiences

Monitoring your customers' gaming experience shows what's working and what's not. You can then take proactive action to fix issues before customers even notice. Our AI-driven Customer Experience Index is the most robust tool in the industry—self-optimizing and learning as it gathers data, while understanding each gamer's individual experience.

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