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Cloud Robotics and Automation

Increased productivity through ultra reliable connectivity and intelligent automation

Using the edge cloud, robots can be controlled and re-programmed to assist everywhere from hospitals to factories. Now that the processing is outside the robots, they can be less complex.

Robots will develop greater autonomy as time-sensitive networking in 5G connects them to intelligence in the edge cloud. This will open up more opportunity for them to undertake hazardous and repetitive tasks. Sensors can gather data to create ‘digital twins’, used to optimize every process.

A revolution in artificial intelligence

By offering highly reliable and low-latency networks, service providers can enable the robots of tomorrow:

  • On production lines, robots can undertake multiple tasks with remote reconfiguration of the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).
  • In industrial processes, automation systems can help with quality control, using vision processing and machine learning in the cloud.
  • In hospitals, collaborative robots can guide patients or deliver medicines, and be managed centrally as a fleet.

Oulu University Hospital Robots for personal assistants


Guaranteed performance

For safety-critical applications, 5G enables service providers to guarantee low latency and high reliability.

Massive connectivity

5G supports a much higher density of connected devices, so robots and process automation systems can scale out effectively. 

Edge computing

5G inherently supports flexible, distributed, cloud-centric networking

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