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Simplify service fulfillment and service order management of digital services

Many Communication Service Providers (CSP) are held back by manual processes and service order management complexity when trying to implement their digitalization strategies. In a typical legacy architecture, service fulfillment has become an unmanageable mix of service-specific manual processes.

However, implementing a digital strategy is not feasible with systems built in silos over the past decades. This results in inefficiency, inaccuracy, and high operational and maintenance costs.

In many cases, there are duplicate sources for customer and service data making it very challenging to build a digital service provider on top of old IT infrastructure. Modern agile processes with rapidly configurable software are becoming the norm in CSP IT architectures. State-of-the art catalog-driven service fulfillment and service order management are essential to becoming a digital CSP.

A modern service fulfillment layer provides transparency of service availability and order delivery across multiple channels and partners, any time. This is the trigger for the transformation that most service providers must execute to remain relevant.

FlowOne for service fulfillment and service order management

Nokia FlowOne is a modular service order management software solution that efficiently and effectively turns service orders into delivered services. It’s a unique platform for hybrid end-to-end service fulfillment and catalog-driven service order management. FlowOne is vendor and technology-agnostic with an extensive, off-the-shelf interface library.

FlowOne offers the functionality and pre-integrated processes required from discovery, design, testing and provisioning to full lifecycle management. With intuitive service design tools and reusable service components it simplifies design and reduces time-to-market.

FlowOne catalog driven service fulfillment

FlowOne offers a catalog-driven multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology service fulfillment solution. The modular catalog driven fulfillment solution offers components such as catalog, inventory, order management & provisioning. It can be offered in various configurations depending on use case requirements:

  • Catalog-driven provisioning & activation
  • Catalog-driven service order management
  • Catalog-driven service fulfillment

Modules of FlowOne

Easy-to-use user interface and wizards to manage order delivery process tasks


Service Order Management
Manages complex service delivery and reduces issues within the service fulfillment process

Provisioning & Activation
Automates network and service activation for any underlying technology

User interface to view inventory data


Service Catalog
Manages service decomposition and delivery rules

Unified Inventory
Maintains accurate information on infrastructure, services and subscribers

flowOne 1

Benefits and features of FlowOne

Clear separation of COM and SOM layers

  • Clean architecture fitting to typical organizational roles 
  • Service composition changes with no impact to sales 
  • Efficient reusability and management of technical service models
  • COM: Commercial Order Management
  • SOM: Service Order Management

Unified Inventory for automated service fulfillment

  • Provides a single, logical inventory overlay to support process-driven requests from multiple systems
  • Ensures business continuity by eliminating the need for massive inventory migration
  • Simplified integrations to OSS/BSS systems
  • Enables gradual migration from legacy inventories

Omni-channel support

  • Ensures harmonized service fulfillment spanning across any business
  • Easy introduction of new business models
  • Optimal OPEX and CAPEX
  • Open API allowing to choose the best tools at the BSS layer
  • Unified, efficient way to manage services

Vendor and technology agnostic:

  • Fast integration to any network or IT system using versatile out-of-box integrations
  • Free to select any network, vendor and IT system with no vendor lock-in 
  • Network cost optimization at your hands
  • Quick time-to-revenue enabled for new networks
  • Boosts innovation by leveraging the latest technologies on the market

Proof points

> 130

Deployments around the world

> 800

Off-the-shelf southbound interfaces


Network transactions per hour

> 1b

Total subscriptions

> 50

Off-the-shelf interfaces to CRM and billing systems

> 1m

Subscriptions per hour

Proven business outcomes

Telefónica’s Movistar Colombia accelerates digital transformation with Nokia’s Digital Operations software

When it comes to agility and sustainable digital transformation, Movistar Colombia turns to Nokia’s trusted expertise in providing catalog-driven service activation, provisioning and service fulfillment capabilities. As a result, Movistar can now deliver fixed, mobile and converged services faster and more profitably.

Read the case study

Mobile services:
CSP in Saudi Arabia

  • 500x faster service activation - from days to minutes
  • 60x faster order processing - from minutes to seconds
  • 8x faster order problem investigation time - from hours to minutes

Wholesale services:
CSP in New Zealand

  • 40% less time for provisioning
  • 20% to less than 1% fallout rate reduction
  • Reduced training needs for personnel

Fixed services:
CSP in Finland

  • 3x faster corporate IP service delivery
  • EUR3m annual savings in IP VPN service delivery costs
  • 40% reduction in call center, sales and operational costs

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