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Assurance Center

AIOps-driven automated network and service assurance for autonomous networks

Nokia’s AIOps network and service assurance capabilities enable you to proactively assure any type of service and 5G slices by leveraging data-driven closed-loop automation.

What is service assurance for telecoms?

Service assurance for telecoms is a functionality that typically includes service monitoring and management, fault and performance management, service quality management and others.  

Communication Service Providers (CSPs), neutral hosts and enterprises use these functions to assure any type of service delivered by any type of network.

How to leverage AIOps for automated service assurance?

The need to monetize 5G, to incorporate partner ecosystems and to increase the use of cloud technologies drives focus on service assurance solutions. These solutions help to enable real-time, automated and closed-loop operations with AIOps. 

What is the role of automated service assurance in autonomous networks?

Autonomous operations require assurance systems to become data-driven decision systems that can operate in closed-loops with other functions. This occurs by leveraging a unified view with observability across multiple dimensions such as layers, domains, vendors, clouds, and technologies, AIOps-driven analytics, and automation.

GlobalData ranks Nokia Assurance Center as "Leader" in Service Assurance Market

Industry analyst Andy Hicks (GlobalData) rates Nokia's Assurance Center as leader in the service assurance market in a recent product assessment. 

The report evaluates service assurance solutions in different dimensions: solution breadth, monitoring and data sources, analytics and AI, closed-loop capabilities and deployment experience.

What is Nokia’s solution for automated service assurance?

Nokia Assurance Center is designed to help CSPs, neutral hosts and enterprises to move faster towards autonomous network and service operations with AIOps-driven assurance. It supports a wide range of use cases, including the ability to:  

Leverage diverse data sources and feeds for decision-making, including customer or experience insights typically not available to assurance solutions.

Use MLOps frameworks as the foundation for AIOps enablers and use cases.

Drive automated actions based on operational intelligence using dynamic topology correlation, root cause analysis, service impact analysis and machine-learning outcomes. 

Leverage service experience with end-to-end service stitching to assess and prioritize actions based on service impact.

Provide preventive SLA management with a focus on network and service quality.

Automate the optimization of network functions across domains to assure end-to-end performance.

Apply machine-learning to identify and resolve anomalies issues before they affect services and customers with preventive service quality management.

Achieve faster time-to-value with end-to-end service lifecycle management enabled by closed-loop operations with service orchestration.

Assurance Center is optimized for 5G and network slicing assurance, including CSMF, NSMF and NSSMF functions. 

It provides closed-loop, automated resolution of anomalies and service degradations. Together with Orchestration Center and Unified Inventory, Assurance Center is an integral part of Nokia’s Core Slice Controller, Digital Operations Center and RAN Slice Controller solutions.

What are the benefits of Nokia Assurance Center?

Proven to reduce the number of events by 95-98%

Nokia Assurance Center helps to reduce noise from the network and highlights incidents based on priority and severity. By enabling early identification of fault scenarios, network issues that might lead to outages can be avoided. Observability across services, networks and cloud resources is combined with ML-based enablers for correlation, forecasting, causality detection, and alarm pattern recognition. This ensures that anomalies and service-affecting degradations can be identified and resolved quickly.

40% of incidents automatically resolved without any human intervention in real-world networks today

Predictive handling of service issues helps to ensure adherence to agreed SLA targets and avoid penalties. Assurance Center proactively identifies SLA breach risks for end-to-end services and slices. It then triggers actions to dynamically change performance targets across different domains and optimize end-to-end SLA targets.  

Case studies

Interested in learning how Nokia’s Assurance Center has helped service providers around the globe? Find out about the lessons learned from real-world deployments in our case studies. 

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