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Orchestration Center

Intent-based service orchestration for autonomous networks

Nokia’s intent-based service orchestration capabilities reduce time-to-market and time-to-revenue for any type of service and 5G network slicing. The automation of cross-domain orchestration and service fulfillment enables you to accelerate end-to-end service design and deployment driven by business-intent. 

What is service orchestration for telecoms?

Service orchestration for telecoms is a functionality that interfaces to the service order management process and choreographs the delivery of services across the network domains. 

Service orchestration systems abstract network complexity to expose network capabilities in business terms to the commercial layer. They also provide an interface to network orchestration systems that carry out the necessary steps within the respective network domains to support the end-to-end services.

What is intent-driven service orchestration?

Intent is a well-known concept in programming and integration but it’s relatively new to the telecom industry. We believe it’s a way for CSPs to interact with enterprise customers in a more flexible and frictionless way

Specifically, intent-based operations and orchestration can automatically translate the business needs of customers into service and network requirements.

This intent-based approach to operations reduces service delivery complexity so that CSPs can move up the value chain and participate in an expanding digital ecosystem of partners.    

What is the role of service orchestration in autonomous networks?

Most CSPs want to minimize the time and effort required to design and deploy new services, while 5G is forcing them to create and manage services more dynamically and at scale. The ability to design services more easily and to deploy them faster and reliably is vital. Autonomous networks require closed-loop automation and intent-based orchestration to enable developer-focused network exposure and programmability.

What is Nokia’s solution for service orchestration?

Nokia Orchestration Center automates the orchestration of end-to-end services, including 5G slice-based services, in multi-domain, multi-vendor and multi-technology networks.  

Developed to run on any cloud, Orchestration Center enables you to design and deploy services based on business intent quickly and efficiently. Automation of both service fulfillment and multi-domain orchestration functions results in significant reductions in the time-to-value for new services.

Orchestration Center is optimized for 5G and network slicing, providing CSMF, NSMF and NSSMF functions. It provides closed-loop, automated resolution of anomalies and service degradations.  

Together with Assurance Center and Unified Inventory, Orchestration Center is an integral part of Nokia’s Core Slice Controller, Digital Operations Center and RAN Slice Controller solutions. 

What are the benefits of Nokia Orchestration Center?

Slice orchestration time reduced from days to minutes

Creating 5G network slices is a highly time-consuming and error-prone process – it’s not practical to do this at scale manually. Just deploying a single slice on a network with 10,000 gNodeBs requires creation of over 100,000 managed objects and updating several 100,000s radio parameters resulting in 100s of hours of labor. Our customers rely on Orchestration Center to do this in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.  

500x faster service activation

Even for services that are not network slice based, our service provider customers typically experience 500-times faster service activation, resulting in a faster time to revenue and much improved customer experience.  

Case studies

Interested in decreasing your time to market? Learn how Nokia’s Orchestration Center has helped service providers to deploy services up to 500 times faster. Find out about the lessons learned from real-world deployments with leading service providers and enterprises around the globe, such as stc (Saudi Arabia), Telstra (Australia), Telenor (Norway) and many others. 

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