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Remove the complexity of IP address management

Nokia VitalQIP is the industry’s proven, open and scalable DDI solution (domain name system (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and IP address management (IPAM)). 

Nokia VitalQIP removes the complexity associated with IPAM while reducing the costs of managing IP addresses within the enterprise. With industry-proven reliability, VitalQIP allows the enterprise to manage hundreds of DNS and DHCP servers supporting millions of IP addresses. VitalQIP also provides IPv6 support and makes use of automation for mission critical DNS and DHCP services.

VitalQIP – take control of your network.

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  • Next-generation IPv6 address management
  • Multi-threaded Nokia DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers
  • Industry’s first DHCPv6 active failover
  • Rapidly integrates with initiatives such as Private/Hybrid Clouds, Virtualization, BYOD and IoT

Integrated DNS, DHCP and IPAM software platform

  • Software approach for cloud integration available on Redhat Enterprise Linux,or Microsoft Windows
  • Optional security hardened hardware or virtualized appliances
  • Full set of APIs for ecosystem partners and plug-ins for cloud platform automation
  • Portal for self-service and BYOD support
  • Built-in support for applications and monitoring packages


  • Full IPv4 and IPv6 address management
  • High-performance, multi-threaded Nokia DHCP and DNS services included
  • 10x faster DHCP performance due to multi-threaded DHCP implementation
  • Carrier-grade DHCP and DNS throughput levels
  • Market-proven scalability and reliability
  • Multi-vendor, multi-platform compatibility with virtual or optional physical appliances
  • Multi-tenancy support allows management of millions of IP addresses and multiple tenants in a single deployment
  • Improve network availability and efficiency; maximize user satisfaction

Cloud Integration

  • VMware, AWS, Azure
  • Rapidly develop smart integration with private clouds
  • Decrease time to provision hundreds of DNS records and IP objects
  • Increase scalability and interoperability with back-office and other applications for network automation

Open / Flexible

  • SOAP/XML APIs, RESTful APIs and command line interface tools
  • Root-level appliance access and published database schema
  • Extensive command line interfaces
  • Elastic, unrestrictive virtualization of appliances
  • Integration with OpenStack and VMware virtualization
  • Available as software, hardware or virtualized appliances

DNS Security

  • Single-click DNSSEC zone signing to protect against DNS cache poisoning
  • DNSSEC inline signing
  • Automated DNSSEC key generation, key rollover scheduling and emergency DNSSEC key rollover aid in the management of DNSSEC
  • DNS DDOS/Tunneling protection via Response Rate Limiting
  • DNS Firewalling via Response Policy Zones
  • Anycast DNS support to mitigate DDOS attacks



Centralized management of all DDI functions

  • Rapid resilient IP address assignment and DNS name services
  • Consolidates IP inventory for network-wide consistency and accuracy of management data
  • Provides secure infrastructure and extensive auditing capabilities
  • Reduces the complexity of managing IPv4 and IPv6 address spaces
  • End-to-end audit capability for compliance auditing and security

Extensive auditing capabilities

  • Infrastructure and lease audit functionality
  • Extensive IPAM and DHCP audit trails
  • Externally copy audit data to SIEM platforms
  • User-defined audit reports
  • Audit monitoring
  • Automated audit partitioning sizing
User manual

Customizable interactive dashboard


  • Interactive, customizable “single pane view” dashboards
  • Single-click navigation
  • Interactive graphical dashboard widgets
  • Easily monitor IP address space and infrastructure usage
  • Visualize address space usage based on user-defined threshold levels
  • Monitor QIP and audit database utilization
  • Infrastructure white listing

Proven stability & reliability

  • Proven performance and scalability across customers globally
  • 20+ years of expertise in IP address management
  • High-availability architecture

Service & support

  • 4-hour on site hardware maintenance available
  • 365/24 dedicated L1/L2/L3 support by Nokia
  • Strong global channel partners
  • Training and DDI professional services

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