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Nokia 5G Core (5GC)

Our 5G Standalone Core frees the innovation within your network, so you can automate, customize and monetize your core with total confidence.


5G is your opportunity to become the company you were meant to be. But how do you serve everyone and everything, while maximizing returns? The answer lies in rethinking the core. Our 5G Standalone Core frees the innovation within your network, so you can automate, customize and monetize your core with total confidence. Nokia proudly celebrates that CSPs and Enterprises all over the world are partnering with us to deliver the extraordinary.

What is a 5G Core network?

Our 5G Core (5GC) delivers an exciting variety of new services to everyone and everything. All communication services are delivered or connected by our 5G Core architecture, such as a metaverse’s extended reality, multi-player gaming, Industry 4.0 mission-critical applications, smart city services, and any services needing a 5G Core’s low latency, ultra-reliability, and massive scaling for Internet of Things.

As a result, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can rapidly create and launch services, earning themselves the business results stemming from easier creativity, open innovation, and the nimble pursuit of new market opportunities.

What are 5G Core network functions?

The 5G Core network functions, shown in blue-green, somewhat resemble 4G Core’s network elements, providing familiar capabilities for mobility management, routing, security, policy control, charging, and subscriber data management.

Our 5G Core architecture is built using cloud-native technology including a Service Based Architecture (SBA). The underlying products become network functions, implemented as microservices in containers.

Consequently, our 5G Core software is readily deployed in multi-cloud stacks, including edge locations.

Furthermore, our 5G Core network is automated, enabling rapid deployment, scaling and upgrades. Those factors are required to achieve 5G’s stringent requirements while delivering an ever-varying mix of applications and services.

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5G Core’s Competitive Landscape Assessment Report

Explore GlobalData’s competitive assessment of 5G Core vendors. This report includes 5G Core’s market assessment, needs, challenges, drivers, buying criteria and recommendations. 

Resolving 5G's challenges

Our 5G Core delivers ultra-reliable connectivity and low-latency performance, which are critical to delivering Industry 4.0, massively scaling Internet of Things (IoT), and blending the metaverse’s physical and virtual experiences.

We resolve 5G’s challenges, helping CSPs fully benefit from 5G:

  • Profit with services such as network slicing, which enables distinct services to be used by different enterprises or subscribers.
  • Simplify with a core geared for AI/ML automation, fast operations, error avoidance, and quickly scaling larger and smaller to save energy by best matching consumed resources with traffic demand. 
  • Open the core, so that it works across multi-cloud, serves any access, and is deployable anywhere including the edge cloud. With open 5G Core APIs, CSPs can create their own new services.
  • Be confident the core delivers financial, operational and strategic benefits, while ensuring the transition to cloud-native 5G standalone is efficient, effective and secure.

Make it real

resolving 5g's challanges
welcome to 5G core SaaS

What will Telecom Software as a Service (Telecom SaaS) mean for the 5G Core?

CSPs use our 5G Core SaaS for a faster time to value, greater business agility, and better cost management.

Core networks are extremely valuable and must be resilient and reliable. Yet Telecom SaaS changes the way core networks are deployed and operated.

Therefore, 5G Core SaaS must be dependable and operate in a manner that fits the CSP’s needs. We built our 5G Core SaaS per 3GPP architecture, so that you can choose to deploy an entire core, or just a portion, or extend your existing network capabilities. We invite you to explore the nearby 5G Core SaaS materials.

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5G core how to guides

Bridging the digital divide

Bridging the digital divide

Nokia actively contributes to fostering digital inclusion within the telco 5G world. Explore this important topic through our 3 use case videos, available for you to watch.

Why choose Nokia for 5G Standalone Core?

Nokia cloud-native mobile core is in live commercial service, serving 5G Standalone (5G SA) and 5G Non-Standalone (5G NSA), plus 4G, 2G/3G, unlicensed wireless, and fixed access. Our core enables CSPs’ profitability, because it:

  • Uses cloud-native architecture and infrastructure-agnostic design. Deploy it on multi-cloud, including private, public or hybrid cloud, centralized or edge cloud, with optimized performance for any deployment model.
  • Is equipped with extreme automation and it simplifies 5G’s complexity with the latest technology to boost your revenues and reduce costs. Open and programmable, it creates an innovation engine for a strategic business advantage – today.
  • Delivers on stringent reliability & quality requirements. It is created & delivered with our broad portfolio and global experience, proven across a leading number of 5G Standalone Core and cloud deployments.

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