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CI/CD: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

Make updates unnoticeable with DelOps CI/CD for telco.

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In the 5G world, communication service providers (CSP) are accelerating the launch of new innovative services in ever-increasing numbers. For their networks to keep pace with service innovation, traditional waterfall upgrade processes with frequent manual interventions are insufficient. Faster time-to-market requirements demand the adoption of DelOps (delivery and operations) and CI/CD (continuous integration, continuous delivery). Together, they speed up the rollout of new services while reducing the risk to highly complex telecom operational networks.

What is DelOps?

DelOps is Nokia’s unique approach to realizing benefits of DevOps-style, iterative software development and delivery specific to the telecommunications environment.

What is CI/CD?

CI/CD is the technologic enabler of DelOps. Enhanced by continuous testing (CT), CI/CD ensures that pre-tested software changes of all types can be quickly and safely deployed in production, or delivered into the hands of users, in a continuous, automated and sustainable way.

What is NCD?

Nokia Continuous Delivery (NCD) supported by CI/CD services delivers the benefits of DelOps CI/CD with a modular solution. It is able to adapt to a variety of customer and third-party CI/CD pipelines with enhanced test automation capabilities.


Nokia Continuous Delivery - Make your software upgrades so smooth, you won’t even notice

Nokia Continuous Delivery (NCD) provides the benefits of CI/CD with an end-to-end pre-integrated solution. It is designed to address the unique challenges of a telecom network and deliver software changes in an automated manner. Its future proof, cloud-native software architecture using best-in-industry components and enhanced automated testing features allows software upgrades to be performed securely and seamlessly.

CI/CD services also give the flexibility to our customers to adopt NCD entirely or to be adapted to their respective environment in a modular fashion.

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