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Nokia 25G ONT

Next generation ONT for the Fiber for Everything era


Fiber broadband keeps on delivering value. Evolutions in fiber broadband technology enable you to add more services, more use cases, more revenues and enhance your competitiveness. This is why, at Nokia, we don’t stop innovating.

Meet the new generation of 25G PON fiber broadband solutions. Our U-010Y-A is a 25G PON optical modem designed for multi-Gigabit connectivity to any end point: homes, enterprises, or mobile cell sites.

With 25G symmetrical speeds, a small form factor, and high energy efficiency, it enables you to accelerate delivery of new revenue generating services in a very efficient way.

Fiber for Everything is full of opportunities. The Nokia U-Y010 is a new tool in a fiber toolbox that helps you capitalize on these opportunities, and make your fiber broadband network the best it can be.

Benefits and features

Ready for everything

  • Premium residential
  • Enterprise connectivity
  • Mobile transport
  • Smart cities 

Designed for efficiency

  • 25 Gb/s symmetrical speed
  • Small form factor
  • Energy efficient
  • Passive cooling 

Easy introduction

  • Co-existence with GPON and XGS-PON
  • Diverse deployment options
  • Compatible with the existing fiber assets
  • Standardized by 25GS MSA 

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