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5529 Statistics and data collector

Collect data, statistics, and performance information from access network elements.


With the introduction of sensitive real-time services, such as voice and video over broadband access, service providers need to deploy Operations Support System (OSS) applications that track service quality, bandwidth usage, and network load. To do this, the OSS applications must be supplied with a large volume of network-generated statistical and performance data.

A high-performance application, the Nokia 5529 Statistics and Data Collector (SDC) collects data, statistics, and performance information from Nokia access network elements (NEs). Data is collected, stored, organized and transferred under the control of the OSS application. The 5529 SDC implements optimized collection mechanisms that protect NEs from processing overload. The 5529 SDC also provides a simpler, more efficient and cost-effective means for integration with the service-assurance OSS.

The 5529 SDC is an enhanced application that is part of the broader Nokia access management portfolio, including the Nokia 5520 Access Management System (AMS) and the Nokia 5529 family of products.

Benefits and features

High performance data input and output

  • High-performance, bulk upload of statistics and performance data
  • Instant, targeted, configurable and scalable data collection
  • Output file customization to suit OSS data-format requirements
  • Threshold crossing alarm (TCA) notifications

Industry standard interface plus monitoring and access node support

  • Web services-based OSS interface (XML/Simple Object Access Protocol [SOAP])
  • Ongoing collection monitoring and failure notification
  • Out-of-the-box support for the main Nokia access nodes

Time-saving system tools

  • Schedulable output file push to the OSS
  • Cluster deployments that allow horizontal scaling for large networks
  • Integration with the Nokia 5530 Network Analyzer (NA)


Low demand on processing power and resources

  • Does not impact network element processing power

  • Reduces the cost and complexity of OSS integration, freeing up resources for more strategic investments

Maximizes service quality

  • Enables better service quality by supplying the service-assurance application with valuable data

  • Keeps the network in the appropriate working condition for better service quality

Data collection optimization

  • Optimizes data collection for combined 5529 SDC/5530 network analyzer (NA) deployments


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