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FastMile CBRS gateways and receivers

Connect the unconnected with CBRS fixed wireless access


All the spectrum you need with CBRS FWA

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) takes mid-band spectrum (B/n48) in the US and makes it available for any operator to use without a license. As such its an attractive alternative for any operator looking to connect underserved communities.

Our Nokia FastMile solution for CBRS supports both unlicensed CBRS and licensed bands along with carrier aggregation to bring the fastest speeds possible subscribers wherever 4G/5G signals are present. Gateways are easily installed by the consumer. They include the wireless modem, antennas, and WiFi all in one easy to install device. Our high gain receivers are mounted to the outside of homes or businesses. They utilize very high gain antennas – up to 19dBi – to connect at great distances from the Radio Access Network (RAN). Together they provide a powerful solution for connecting rural and suburban areas.

Benefits and features


  • Options for indoor our outdoor  
  • Customer or professional install    
  • Intuitive installation application


  • Industry-leading antenna designs with up to 27 dBi gain
  • MIMO and carrier aggregation 300MHz bandwidth support
  • Carrier aggregation: 800 MHz bandwidth support in FR2
  • Managed FWA services with Nokia FastMile FWA controller

Home networking

  • Gateways include Nokia managed mesh WiFi support
  • Nokia WiFi beacons extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home
  • Receivers utilize PoE connection to the home network 

FastMile Citizens Broadband Radio Service devices

Indoor and outdoor CBRS solutions

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