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Corteca Applications

Install new applications on Nokia broadband devices


Boost your competitiveness with value-add applications

The Corteca Applications can enhance the user experience, create customer loyalty, and bring you new forms of revenue.

Use them to diversify your value-added offer, introduce new services, and get them to your subscribers more quickly. 

Benefits and features

New services

  • Introduce new services on the broadband device you already use for broadband services
  • Offer enhanced user experiences from cybersecurity to entertainment to productivity
  • Fast time-to-market through application containers

New revenues

  • Build on your current managed Wi-Fi service
  • Offer secure connectivity: cyber security, SD-WAN/VPN, advanced parental control, etc.
  • Provide premium connectivity: entertainment: low latency for gaming, work-from-home, etc.

Application containers

  • Industry standard way to introduce new services
  • Independent applications run in a protected area without interfering with the functioning of the device or of the home network


  • Use the Corteca Marketplace to get easy access to new, value-added Corteca Applications
  • Install new Applications on selected broadband devices to try them out

Application containers the Nokia way

We’ve added an abstraction layer to our devices on top of which applications can run using dedicated CPU power and memory.

The abstraction layer separates the apps from the device operating system meaning they can be installed and managed directly by you and independently of the device’s firmware updates.

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