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FastMile 4G Receiver

Leverage 4G assets to connect homes and businesses

Get the best signal for rural broadband

Outdoor antennas are a critical requirement in areas where signal strengths are weak, avoiding first wall attenuation, allowing operators to connect more customers at faster speeds.

Our FastMile 4G receivers combine high gain antennas with a 4G modem in a rugged, visually appealing enclosure. This solves the problem of signal loss that solutions which place only the antenna outside have.

A standard Ethernet cable provides connectivity to the home network which also uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power the receiver. The Nokia Wireless app facilitates installation with step by step instructions for subscriber and professionals.

Benefits and features


  • Outdoor mountable
  • Customer installable
  • Intuitive installation app


  • ​​​​​​​​​​Industry-leading antenna design with up to 11 dBi gain
  • MIMO and carrier aggregation

Home networking

  • Ethernet to home router
  • Existing home router or Nokia WiFi beacons for unstoppable Wi-Fi 

FastMile 4G Receiver

Bands for every region


FastMile 4G multi-band receivers include hardware variants for regional band support


FastMile 4G multi-band receiver top view with signal strength indicator

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