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FastMile 5G Receiver 5G14-B

Fixed 5G in an install anywhere package


Get the best signal wherever it might be

Every home is different. The geographic location, building materials, window treatments and other obstacles can all make a difference as to whether a signal can be clearly received indoors.  

Nokia FastMile 5G receivers can be installed indoors or outdoors, on a window, on a table, and even on a wall or pole.  With high gain antennas (9dBi) and a 180° field of view, there is no need to point them directly at the base station to get good Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) service.

In Addition, the unique window mount design requires no tools to install so  customers can install it themselves easily  even when it needs to be mounted to the outside of a window.

Benefits and features


  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Customer installable
  • Intuitive installation app


  • Industry-leading antenna design with up to 9 dBI gain
  • MIMO and carrier aggregation 

Home Networking

  • Ethernet to home router
  • Existing home router or Nokia WiFi beacons for unstoppable Wi-Fi 

Nokia Wireless App

Many people prefer do-it-yourself installation over scheduling a technician visit. Our FWA self-install app makes setup easy. Customers are guided through where to place their 5G receiver and how to activate it.

With augmented reality, customers can visualize where the 5G radio is in relation to their location to determine the right place to install the 5G receiver.


FastMile 5G receiver

Flexibility to mount in the optimal location


FastMile 5G receiver with mounting sleeve


Standard indoor, outdoor and desk stand mounts


Optional kits for wall, pole, balcony and sill mount

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