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Multivendor care

Single-point-of-contact (SPOC) support service for networks with multiple original equipment manufacturers and technologies.


Make trouble resolution faster, better, and less expensive with the Nokia Multivendor Maintenance solution. We offer single-point-of-contact (SPOC) support service for networks with multiple original equipment manufacturers and technologies. Our solution streamlines and integrates traditional OEM maintenance-related activities and end-to-end processes to deliver faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective support.

Our multivendor maintenance SPOC delivery model brings together Nokia resources with third-party partner resources. In doing so, it mimics a primary contractor model to provide a complete suite of support services, filling any gaps in capability, technology or geography.

Our multivendor maintenance solution provides:

  • Single-point-of-contact coordination
  • Technical support services
  • Onsite field maintenance services
  • Part repair and exchange services
  • Guaranteed service level agreements across equipment from all vendors
  • Integrated performance reporting

The benefits to you are significant:


  • Immediate OPEX reduction on maintenance spending with average savings between 10 and 25 percent
  • Lower contract management and overhead costs when you streamline to a single multivendor maintenance contract
  • Potential for streamlining or reallocating resources due to operational efficiencies
  • Synergy between technical support, parts repair, exchange services, andonsite field maintenance across multiple network elements

A single point of contact

If you’re like most network operators, your support model involves different processes, SLAs, and communication with multiple vendors. That can make it tough to identify which equipment needs support. Our solution gives you a trusted single point of contact to avoid this pitfall.

You can choose from multiple models:

  • Single contract
    Replace your multiple individual maintenance contracts and OEM agreements with a single contract. Our multivendor maintenance solution provides you with the full range of maintenance services.
  • Hybrid
    We also offer our multivendor maintenance solution as part of a hybrid model where some of your OEM contracts remain. In this case, we acts as your agent and work with your other vendors when needed. This simplifies your management requirements and reduces your overhead.

Optimizing your multivendor maintenance is critical to customer retention. By optimizing support across the network, you can assure the availability of new services and cost-competitive operations. And that will keep your subscribers happy and avoid churn.

Multivendor maintenance

Nokia: an experienced multivendor maintenance provider

Your maintenance costs are skyrocketing as you transition your networks to next-generation technologies. You need to keep costs down with a single point of contact to coordinate and manage your network support.

With decades of telecommunications experience, we are the trusted partner to network operators around the world. We know how networks work and how to keep them at peak performance. Our innovators in Bell Labs—who hold more than 30,000 cutting-edge patents—partner with our service teams. Together, we have the in-depth knowledge and forward-looking technologies to help you manage your multivendor network successfully.

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