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Nokia ONT

XGS-PON speed to the home
Wi-Fi 7 hyper-speed in the home 



The true Wi-Fi 7 tri-band fiber gateway (ONT)

  • XGS-PON speed to the home (10 Gbps symmetrical)
  • Hyper-speed in the home (1x10 and 3x1 Gbps LAN ports and Wi-Fi capacity of up to 19 Gbps)
  • Tri-band: leverage the 2.4, 5 and 6 GHz bands with 4x4 MIMO each
  • Support for multi-link operation (MLO)
  • Extend coverage with up to five Beacons
  • Corteca-powered mesh creates a seamless Wi-Fi 7 network throughout the home
  • Managed through TR-369/USP
  • Simple, app-based setup and management.

Benefits and features

Unstoppable Wi-Fi

  • Based on EasyMesh™ enriched with additional Nokia features
  • Intelligent channel selection for optimal Wi-Fi performance and no Wi-Fi glitches
  • Dynamic backhaul management for perfect connectivity between Beacons.


  • XGS-PON uplink (10 Gbps symmetrical)
  • 1x10 and 3x1 Gbps LAN ports
  • 4x4 MIMO on 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz
  • Supporting 320 MHz channels on 6 GHz
  • PHY rate of BE19000
  • Support for multi-link operation (MLO).

Whole home Wi-Fi coverage

  • One unit covers up to 325 sq. m (3500 sq. ft.)
  • Connect up to five mesh extenders via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to create a single network in a large or multi-story house.

Nokia WiFi mobile app

Ready to go

The Nokia WiFi mobile app is packed with useful features, from analytics to parental control.
The mobile app ensures that the network is quick to set up, and simple to manage.
Download iOS app
Download Android app

Step-by-step instructions and tips

The Nokia WiFi mobile app gives your customers step-by-step instructions on how to install or extend the Wi-Fi network.
Scanning a QR code is the only thing they really need to do.
The app provides tips on how to connect Beacons and where to place them.
It even helps customers find the best location by testing the Wi-Fi signal.

Boost your competitiveness with value-add applications

Our application containers can enhance the user experience, create customer loyalty, and bring you new forms of revenue. Use them to diversify your value-added offer, introduce new services, and get them to your subscribers more quickly.  

Manage and optimize Wi-Fi networks

  • Leverage the Corteca Home Controller for an advanced helpdesk, proactive Wi-Fi optimization and network-wide visibility
  • Give your customers a local web interface that can be customized (branding, stylesheets, control what the end user can see and configure) 

Nokia ONT XS-2437X-B

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