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Broadband devices for the best in-home experience

Deliver unstoppable Wi-Fi that delights your customers

Seamless connectivity for every home

All too often, the brilliant broadband you deliver to the home is undone by patchy Wi-Fi inside the home. With so many devices trying to connect at once, you need to provide unstoppable Wi-Fi that enhances your customers’ broadband experience. When you do, you remove the cost and headache of customer complaints, helpdesk calls, and truck rolls, while the enhanced connectivity leads directly to new revenue opportunities.

Nokia’s advanced mesh Wi-Fi technology—embedded in our fiber optical network terminals (ONTs), 5G fixed wireless access gateways, and Nokia WiFi beacons—guarantees a perfect user experience in every corner of the home, boosting customer satisfaction and your broadband business.

Unstoppable Wi-Fi for the best in-home experience

Generate new revenues

Connect customers with advanced fiber and fixed wireless access technologies; increase ARPU and customer satisfaction with managed Wi-Fi and value add services.

Reduce your costs

Deploy complementary fiber and fixed wireless access technologies as investments and time to market demand; facilitate self-install with apps and user-friendly designs; reduce and shorten help desk calls.

Enhanced visibility and control

Network-wide and remote management tools maximize performance, reduce downtime, and give you upsell insights.

user experience

Our mesh portfolio improves the in-home connectivity

Customers get unstoppable high-speed Internet throughout the home

  • Nokia WiFi mesh technology ensures perfect whole-home coverage
  • The self-healing and self-optimizing algorithms keep that connectivity performing perfectly, even automatically identifying and fixing issues before customers notice
  • Customers can self-install their home broadband with a mobile app, that makes installation and setup a breeze, and design features like LED signal-strength indicators.


Boost your competitiveness with value-add applications

Our application containers can enhance the user experience, create customer loyalty, and bring you new forms of revenue. Use them to diversify your value-added offer, introduce new services, and get them to your subscribers more quickly.


Click here to learn more about Nokia Application Containers.

What is EasyMesh?

Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ is a certification program within the Wi-Fi Alliance for validating and certifying products that follow the EasyMesh specification for multi-access point networking. EasyMesh dictates how the EasyMesh Controller coordinates and communicates with additional access points (APs) containing EasyMesh agents to extend Wi-Fi coverage. The standard ensures interoperability between certified AP vendors, helping operators avoid vendor lock-in.

EasyMesh, however, does not specify the logic for making certain decisions in a mesh network. For example, it dictates how metrics and policies are communicated between the EasyMesh controller and EasyMesh agents, but it doesn’t dictate what triggers a channel change or which channel to change to.

To achieve the best Wi-Fi performance in a mesh network, Nokia has complemented EasyMesh with a number of algorithms that provide those insights.
Some examples include:

  • Spectrum scanning to detect interference 
  • Intelligent channel selection that uses spectrum scanning and other information to select the best possible channel 
  • Band steering and client steering algorithms
  • Backhaul management and dynamic backhaul optimization algorithms to ensure that the backhaul never becomes a new single point of failure


What are the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 for a home network?

Wi-Fi 6 promises a significant performance boost compared to previous generations of Wi-Fi: increased throughput of up to 39% on a single Wi-Fi stream or up to 50% for a single access point (for example, one with a 2x2 MIMO on the 2.4GHz and a 2x2 MIMO on the 5GHz). 
Additional improvements include:

  • Much lower latency of Wi-Fi 6 versus Wi-Fi 5 (ideal for real-time applications like gaming and video conferencing)
  • Higher throughput in dense areas
  • Increased range 
  • Wi-Fi sleeping that preserves bandwidth and battery life of connected devices (especially important for IoT devices).

The full benefits of Wi-Fi 6 are achieved when both the access points and connected devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) are Wi-Fi 6 capable. However, any connected device will see a performance increase in a Wi-Fi 6 EasyMesh network because of the improved backhaul links. 

Intelligent Wi-Fi solves the weakest link in the broadband chain

For customers, Wi-Fi makes or breaks the broadband experience. Intelligent, self-optimizing mesh Wi-Fi coupled with cloud control and analytics ensure your brilliant broadband isn’t undone by poor in-home connectivity.
Meet Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller, the only platform you need to manage and optimize Wi-Fi networks.

Perfect partners: fixed wireless access and Wi-Fi

A perfect end-to-end experience through fixed wireless access and Wi-Fi is essential for customer acceptance of FWA. Using Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller takes service management beyond the reactive into a proactive, customer-delighting creator of value.
Meet Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller, the only platform you need to manage and optimize Wi-Fi networks.

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