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Network as Code

Moving from connectivity to programmable network capabilities


Communications Service Providers have long sought to grow revenue and create value beyond connectivity. Every generation of network delivers more speed, reduces latency and embeds new capabilities. But it gets increasingly difficult for CSPs to achieve their revenue growth targets through the sale and delivery of traditional communications services alone. What's needed is a way to open up the networks so that more value can be generated through the development and delivery of new applications that are additive and complementary to traditional communications services.

What is Network as Code?

Network as Code (NaC) provides a rich set of capabilities that enable application developers to leverage 5G networks in new, unique ways, from multiple providers, both public and private - without needing to know the details around how the 5G network works or which provider is offering the service.

The role of developers in Network as Code

Network as Code embraces developers within enterprises, within communications service providers (CSPs) and 3rd party independent developers. This provides a win-win proposition for the developers and for the CSPs, as well as their enterprise and consumer customers.

Importance of a marketplace and trusted network platform for Network as Code

For this to work, a marketplace and a trusted platform are required to abstract the complexities from the networks and expose developer-friendly interfaces. This is not a simple task but done correctly it will provide security, reliability, flexibility and convenience.

Developers will be able to write applications that can leverage many different networks across the world without needing to understand how they differ 'under the hood'. In turn, CSPs will be able to expose their networks to the marketplace and be accessible to app developers for all markets that they operate in. 

How Nokia can help create the marketplace for Network as Code

Nokia will leverage its proven telecom SaaS platform, technical expertise and understanding of the underlying network complexities, and Nokia's ecosystem relationships to help create the marketplace for Network as Code.

Nokia will also use its long-standing status as one of the world's most ethical companies to embed trust, ethical practices, and positive social impact to enable this marketplace to bring transformational benefits to the telecom industry and its enterprise and consumer customers.

NaC: Imagine the possibilities

Get inspired by the endless possibilities and see how we unleashed the power of NaC at the Nokia Arena, Tampere to collaborate and create world-class-experiences:


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Unlocking revenue with Network as Code

Jitin is CTO and Vice President of the Cloud and Network Services (CNS) business group at Nokia. Leading software technology strategy and disruptive innovation for network transformation, Bhandari is known as a communications visionary with end-to-end network, operations, and services expertise.

Listen as Jitin talks about the importance of ecosystems to the telecom industry and why we’ll need a concept like Network as Code to unlock revenue and drive new value creation beyond connectivity.