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LTE – co-evolution with 5G

Evolve LTE for competitive 4G and 5G performance

There has never been a time as exciting as today in mobile communications.

Going far beyond smartphone connectivity, evolving LTE and 5G have the potential to revolutionize way we live and work, how public safety is ensured and how industrial processes are run.

More than 850 operators are investing in LTE in more than 210 countries. Additionally LTE is increasingly used for private networks and for public safety. LTE connects more subscribers than any other mobile technology. As of early 2019, LTE networks provide coverage for more than 80% of the world population. There are more than 4 billion LTE connections. LTE can be used on both paired and unpaired spectrum allocations, on licensed and unlicensed spectrum. LTE is continuously evolving with LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro providing for major building blocks for the for the evolution to and co-evolution with 5G.

Nokia helps you to get great user experience at competitive costs on LTE, while ensuring a smooth 5G introduction and evolution.

We brought massive connectivity to the Internet of Things and made LTE meet the requirements of mission-critical services, such as those for public safety. We drove user data rates on LTE up to 2Gbps and won‘t stop here. With the unique AirScale radio portfolio, we scale up network capacity for the needs of 4G and 5G. Nokia LTE provides the ideal foundation for 5G, ensuring best 5G and 4G performance.


Nokia‘s LTE customers can rely on end-to-end solutions including LTE radio access, core, transport, data centers and professional services

Worldwide capabilities

We supply LTE operators in all regions of the world, including all the leading technology and largest subscriber markets.

Serving subscribers worldwide

Our LTE customers serve the majority of LTE subscribers worldwide.

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