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Operation support systems (OSS)

Streamline operations to support cloud-native networks and services

5G Operations

The intelligence to make complex operations simple and efficient

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5G Operations

As new business models emerge, and the networks start to evolve and consolidate, there is a need for the future model of operations (FMO). The new insightful OSS unlocks the value and becomes a new control and value point for insightful end-to-end service automation. By addressing the entire business domain, the new OSS connects the network to the business to create and support sustainable business models including B2B and B2B2X.

Nokia’s insightful OSS portfolio together with 5G future X network architecture with digital value platforms and Nokia’s expertise puts CSPs in a unique position to demonstrate digital-native behavior and more autonomous decision-making. The new OSS allows moving from independent processes to a living and dynamic lifecycle management with closed-loop automated capabilities. It is designed around automation, intelligence, and closed-loop service lifecycle management to deliver an exemplary OSS experience.

The journey towards new OSS is a transformational one of the standalone capabilities that come together, the consolidation of the operations with assurance moving from network and service focused to customer and business paradigm and to zero-touch automation The new OSS unifies operations to support next-generation digital services, new value chains, and partner ecosystems. It truly drives direct engagement with the customers that starts from the digital demand of the customers, and the business event and value.

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