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Five tips for using private wireless to digitalize mining operations

Learn how private 4.9/LTE and 5G networks will bring Industry 4.0 to open pit and underground mines

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Private wireless is a must for digitalizing mine operations

Mining companies are embracing Industry 4.0 and digital technologies as they look for new ways to increase safety and productivity and stay competitive. But these technologies require reliable wireless connectivity, which can be difficult to achieve in challenging open pit and underground environments. This podcast explores how mining companies can use cellular-based private wireless networks to support pervasive, high-performance connectivity that accelerates the digital transformation of their operations.

Key topics

  • Why the mining industry is embracing digital transformation
  • How private wireless can help mine operators accelerate digitalization and get the most from it
  • How Nokia private 4.9/LTE and 5G solutions are meeting the critical communication needs of mining companies
  • 5 tips for mining companies considering private wireless for implementing Mining 4.0

Marc Jadoul

Head of Marketing for Mining, Nokia Enterprise


Will Townsend

Vice President and Principal Analyst, Networking and Security, Moor Insights & Strategy

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Why the mining industry is embracing digital transformation

All mining companies focus on achieving targets for four key performance indicators (KPIs): safety, sustainability, productivity and efficiency. Digital technologies provide opportunities to use data and automation to optimize performance across these KPIs.  

Why private wireless is the right choice for digital mines

Mine operators need dependable wireless connectivity to get the most from digital and Industry 4.0 technologies. But how do you meet the critical connectivity demands of mobile workers, monster vehicles and gigantic machines in harsh open-pit environments? How do you bring reliable wireless communications to underground environments with massive rock walls, narrow corridors and layouts that change constantly?

A private wireless network can address these challenges by providing pervasive, ultra-reliable broadband connectivity to workers, sensors, machines and vehicles in every part of the mine. And it can do so with fewer access points than technologies such as Wi-Fi. For mine operators, this improved connectivity translates to improved safety, higher productivity, new efficiencies and a smaller carbon footprint.

Why mining companies are choosing Nokia for private wireless

Nokia has lead the way in bringing private wireless to the mining industry over the past decade. We now have more than 35 customers within the industry, including four of the world’s five largest mining companies, and our networks are present at more than 65 of their mine sites.

Our private wireless solutions meet the demands of mining operators with pervasive coverage, high bandwidth, low latency, assured quality of service (QoS), built-in security and ultra-reliability. They also include spectrum (when needed), ruggedized industrial devices, edge computing and a growing catalog of digital applications.

With our solutions, mine operators can support their broadband data, CCTV video, mission-critical PTT/PTV and IoT applications with one industrial-grade network.

Five tips for getting the most from private wireless

  1. The need to constantly reinvent operations to optimize safety, sustainability, productivity and efficiency has made the case for digitalization and automation in the mining industry more compelling than ever. Building a state-of-the 4.9G or 5G private wireless network is the best starting point for achieving more agile and automated surface and underground mining facilities. Talk to your operations teams about what you need to achieve your KPIs.
  2. Think about the use cases you need and how to work with the mining ecosystem to support and validate them.
  3. Start with use cases that may yield short-term benefits, including data collection for analytics and autonomous haulage (AHS).
  4. Look for digitalization opportunities beyond the pit, including stockpiles, processing facilities, rail transport and shipping.
  5. Choose a partner that offers proven telecom and mining expertise.
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