7360 ISAM FX

High-capacity access node for mass-market fiber deployments

The Nokia 7360 (ISAM) FX is a high-capacity access node that addresses mass-market fiber deployments. It delivers capabilities to meet bandwidth demand of residential and business users today and smoothly evolve to next-generation fiber technologies to meet the demands of tomorrow.

The 7360 ISAM FX shelves simultaneously support multiple PON technologies and high-density point-to-point services. It has a non-blocking backplane architecture that delivers 2x100Gb/s to each slot, 2x480Gb/s switching capacity and 160Gb/s uplink capacity. It is available in three size variants (FX-4, FX-8 and FX-16) suitable for all types of fiber networks: from hundreds of subscribers on FX-4 to thousands of subscribers on FX-16. The 7360 ISAM FX gives you the flexibility to choose the fiber technology and deployment density that best suits your techno-economics, local regulations, and service offering.

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