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Cognitive SON

Optimize your radio network with machine learning for zero-touch operations

Networks are becoming denser and more complex in the 5G era, with next-generation services running in parallel with legacy 2G, 3G and 4G offerings. Communications service providers are having to manage more network elements, sites and cells than ever before.

Cognitive SON helps CSPs maintain operational efficiency in the face of all that complexity thanks to zero-touch automation and real-time problem-solving driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Real-time problem solving

Cognitive SON uses machine learning to monitor the radio network, detect and categorize problems automatically as they occur, and propose and implement corrective actions in real time. It’s also able to evaluate the effectiveness of those actions — and to fine-tune solutions for optimal results.


Cloud-native architecture

Built as a microservice on our cloud-native Common Software Foundation, Cognitive SON can be developed and scaled independently of other SON software. Its programmability and cloud-native architecture increase agility and enable a DevOps delivery model for rapid software updates with near-zero downtime.

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Introducing Cognitive SON


Cognitive SON - Nokia expert interview

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