Intelligent care assistant

Reinventing the customer care experience

Today’s digital consumers expect a positive customer care experience with their service provider across any channel in real time. This demand is placing pressure on service providers to rethink their customer care operations in a way that focuses not only on OPEX reduction but also on customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

To address these challenges, the Nokia Intelligent Care Assistant integrates Salesforce Service Cloud with Nokia’s Autonomous Customer Care software, equipping agents with insights to improve customer satisfaction and enrich and monetize digital experiences. To trial it, visit us on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Reinventing the customer care experience in digital time

How can I automate and streamline my processes? Is there a way to integrate my case management history with workflow execution? Can I improve my NPS? These are some of the questions answered by the Nokia Intelligent Care Assistant.

It enables a full range of proven customer care use cases - from proactive and self-care, to assisted, field care and upsell opportunities.

And by connecting network intelligence with customer applications, we support a seamless experience for your end users across their channel of choice.

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