Performance manager

Manage your network performance and capacity efficiently

With mountains of data being generated every day, you need a solution to manage your networks reliably, accurately and cost-efficiently.

Using our know-how gained from hundreds of networks worldwide, Nokia Performance Manager helps you to ensure your network stays high quality at all times. It identifies performance degradations and prioritizes those with the greatest impact on network quality.

The new Capacity Advisor feature helps you predict the network capacity needs, and it recommends what actions to take and when. Thanks to this you can ensure that there is enough capacity in the network when you roll out your new service. 

Performance Manager provides off-the-shelf, productized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reports that can be used from day one, covering radio, core, IP and fixed networks from multiple vendors.

Performance Manager helps operators cope with the accelerating pace of change in the communications industry. As 2G and 3G experiences evolve to LTE, Performance Manager helps operators keep their fingers on the pulse of their network performance.

Performance Manager is supported by Nokia Networks’ professional services to integrate, optimize and adapt the content for an operator’s multi-technology, multivendor environment.

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