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Nokia AI Maturity Assessment

Get ready for AI in Operations using our AI maturity assessment tool

Are you ready for telco AI?

A successful telco AI strategy factors in technology, people, and processes – across the organization. To be effective, you need to know where you are – exactly – in your AI journey. Are you brand new to the process; are you halfway there and need to pivot; are you ready to accelerate your journey to realize the full potential of AI-driven operations?

How can AI transform telecom operations?

CSPs have been modernizing operations for over ten years now. The next logical step towards successful transformation is to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into telecom operations.

Benefits of telco AI:

  • Better network orchestration
  • High service performance and flexibility with minimum investment with AI-as-a-service
  • Personalized services at scale
  • Intelligent detection and prediction of network anomalies
  • Optimized network resources for cost savings
  • Automated backend processes to alleviate hybrid network complexity

These promises are well-known in our industry. Still, the question for CSPs remains: Where and how do I begin? 

Begin by measuring your AI maturity

Assessing your AI maturity gives a clear idea of your operational readiness for AI. A strong assessment will uncover where your strengths and limitations lie; and it will help you accelerate time-to-value in current and future AI investments.

A cohesive AI maturity assessment means you won’t adopt a common ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, your AI strategy will be customized to your unique network and service operations requirements. It will propel you forward with a personalized action plan so you can offer innovative 5G services at scale.

Assess your AI Maturity level now

Evaluate AI maturity with Nokia’s 8-dimensional framework

Leveraging Nokia’s Advanced Consulting Services AIOps benchmarking database, we use our eight-dimensional framework (and 67 sub dimensions) to assess your AI maturity level.  

8 factors considered in the AI assessment:

  • AI data strategy goals
  • Data security and governance
  • Operations analytics and insights
  • Operations automation and process calibration
  • Machine Learning-based automation
  • Predictive telco operations
  • Customer experience and personalization
  • Talent and skills

Nokia’s AI Maturity Assessment provides a benchmark for each factor listed above and compares it with best-of-breed peers. Finally, Nokia will build and offer a maturity model based on five levels of automation to help CSPs map out a journey towards AI-driven operations.  

Five levels of automation defined

Why choose Nokia as your trusted AI maturity assessment partner

Benefit from market-driven advisory and consulting

Nokia’s Advanced Consulting Services brings deep experience across all facets of transformation and can help service providers own disruption while managing risk. We draw on deep network, software, and business process expertise — as well as practical, real-world experience in helping CSPs digitally transform — to fill skill gaps and share best practices from the top industry performers.

Your AI insights matter

A major part of the process involves us engaging with your CXOs and heads of functions such as security, products and services, operations, planning and customer experience.

Their valuable insights inform our assessments of where the eight dimensions lie on the road to AI maturity and helps us evaluate them against our five-point scale.

The result is a complete AI Maturity Assessment output, showing how the different dimensions stack up.

Designing your AI future

With these metrics in hand, we can begin to work with you to plan your road map to make better use of AI.

We can show which AI solutions will benefit your operations during the next 12 months, which will be beneficial beyond 12 months and the solutions you could look at to make long term improvements beyond 24 months.

Working with Nokia, you can accelerate the adoption of AI and use its powerful capabilities to gain a competitive edge across all areas of your operations.

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