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Target operating mode consulting

Achieve frictionless operations

Agile software engineering with DelOps

Nokia target operating mode consulting enables a depth of collaboration that combines software delivery with operations. We help you transform your legacy software engineering processes, establishing a seamless ecosystem and enabling rapid service design and development. By helping you move toward a delivery and operations (or “DelOps”) mindset, we deliver an approach that automatically rolls engineering delivery services into operations. It allows engineering teams to deliver innovation continuously and for services to be operationalized immediately, as they are deployed. 


Target operating mode consulting to drive agile operations

  • Target operating mode advisory services - Comprehensive assessments of your current operations to inform a step-by-step strategy to quickly and successfully reach your target operating mode.
  • Target delivery mode advisory services –Delivering implementation strategies that let you get the most out of our online service catalog for faster, more flexible service delivery.

Our agile service delivery model offers you the ability to reduce cycle times, increase flexibility, drive continuous improvement, and reduce costs.

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