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Nokia Digital Assistant

Boost workforce efficiency with a digital assistant customized for telcos

Nokia Digital Assistant can help your telco engineers and network operations center (NOC) staff work much more efficiently.

Available through as a service model, Nokia Digital Assistant is trained for telco-specific tasks, such as diagnosing and analyzing the root causes of network faults. Nokia Digital Assistant provides automated assistance that reduces wasted time, enforces correct procedures, and frees skilled workers to focus on business-critical tasks.

With help from Nokia Digital Assistant, your engineers and technicians can:

  • Spend more time being productive every day
  • Find the right information instantly, instead of searching manually
  • Access all relevant tools, documents, and data sources through one interface
  • Get advice based on issues that have occurred in other networks
  • Build their network knowledge through human-like interaction
  • Rapidly create customized digital assistants to support different activities

Nokia Digital Assistant is customized for telecom operators. Powered by our advanced Machine Learning capabilities, Nokia Digital Assistant provides augmented intelligence, automated learning, and access to a knowledge library that includes best practices drawn from projects around the world.

Save your engineers the time and trouble of hunting for hard-to-find answers.
Let them rely on Nokia Digital Assistant they concentrate on the network.

Nokia digital assisstant

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