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OSS as a service

A multivendor network solution to help you manage network performance and service quality

Nokia is the first telco vendor to provide OSS as a Service software and expertise, hosting our best-in-class Nokia Performance Manager and Service Quality Manager tools via the cloud and boosting your business goals.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become increasingly popular with major software companies adopting the cloud-based approach to serve their customers more effectively while also reducing costs. That’s because SaaS allows tools to be delivered, maintained and upgraded at lightning speed while also providing the remote expertise for dedicated modeling and other services.

Nokia Operations Support Systems (OSS) as a Service is a hosted business model for Nokia Performance Manager (NPM) to help you manage the performance and capacity of 2G, 3G and LTE networks, and Service Quality Manager (SQM) that gives you an accurate real-time view of service quality across mobile broadband and IT networks. Both tools work in multivendor environments.

SQM supports operators wanting to set up a Service Operations Center. The agility of OSS as a Service can reduce the time to market from three months to a few weeks, and upgrades can be downloaded and accessed within minutes.

Thanks to the streamlined and efficient approach to OSS as a Service, you could reduce your operating costs by up to 19 percent compared to conventional business models.



Lower costs

Your overall costs can be up to 19 percent lower thanks to streamlined installation, integration and operation

Upgrade faster

High agility means upgrades can be made in minutes rather than weeks

Access to experts

Talk to skilled technicians in our Global Delivery Centers

Use the latest tech

Get best-in-class, real-time network insight and off-the-shelf service models for mobile broadband with NPM and SQM

Nokia is the first company to offer OSS as a Service exclusively for the telecommunications market.

Our multivendor network management capabilities are extensive, with 60 percent of the over 1.5 million network elements managed from our GDCs.

With more than 1,200 network management solutions and over 800 NetAct installations, we have deep experience as an OSS vendor. 

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