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Predictive care

Core expertise coded into real time early issue detection

As the networks gets denser, the  sheer number of network elements multiply and maintaining the future networks can no longer be done by the old fashion ‘break-and-fix’ mode of operation. Towards IoT and 5G there will be versatile of use cases, like connected health and autonomous driving requiring networks to provide with nearly 100% availability with very low latencies. 

Core expertise coded into real time early issue detection

In MWC15 we already introduced Predictive Care as an overall use case for next generation care services. It makes use of big data analytics processing to spot anomalies in patterns, indicating an element that might be degrading or failing- and predicts where issues will arise so that a preventative action can be taken. Predictive Care services use deep element level visibility for faster issues detection and resolution. Combining it with the experience of Nokia care experts it speeds up identification of the new key operational alerts before they have a negative impact on subscribers.

We deploy automated, machine-learning technology to capture and correlate previously hidden behavioral inconsistencies that can lead to more serious performance problems. Identifying these issues early helps to improve the quality, availability and connectivity of mobile networks. 

Nokia Predictive Care uses big data insights to identify issues at the network element level well before they affect the customer experience. 



Predictive Care uses collective intelligence gained from caring for hundreds of networks every day to constantly learn how they behave in detail. The capability also trains the network to better cope with special situations, such as software upgrades, special events, or launches.


Customer Cases

Shanghai Mobile powered to deliver high customer experiences with Nokia Predictive Care

"We worked closely with Nokia to find Care solutions that focus on customer experience and help us predict and stop problems from happening in our core network. Using big data analytics and Nokia Care expertise, the system identifies the key operational alarms which we can tackle promptly. Nokia Predictive Care paves the way towards a future in which predictive technologies help us manage the scale and complexity of networks, reduce operational costs and power reliable networks".

Mr. Liu Hua / GM of O&M Department, Shanghai Mobile

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