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Software Support Services

Ensure business continuity, minimize downtime, and optimize cost by getting the right level of software support


Nokia Software Support Services can help you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), speed time to market (TTM), and get the most from your Nokia software assets.

We provide comprehensive support that can meet the unique needs of your business and enable you to assure your services and deliver seamless experiences your customers expect. Our offer includes:

  • Advanced and Proactive Support services
  • Extended Support services
  • Automation and analytics for best-in-class prevention of outages
  • Global support centers
  • Online self-support services and Customer training

The right level of support to fully realize your business goals

Our software support services offers the flexibility to pick the right services to address your specific needs. Each successive tier brings you more business value while further reducing your TCO. We back all our support services with appropriate service.

Advanced support

Provides 24/7 coverage, enhanced service-level agreements (SLAs), access to Care Program manager, full access to our online technical support (OLTS) portal, designated technical expert and end-to-end solution support. Advanced Support is required to gain access to upgraded Software Support services.

Proactive support

Enhanced advanced support offer with 24/7 remote monitoring, periodic audits & health check, and proactive alerts & notification to prevent outages. It provides real-time visibility into your solution health to help optimize performance and plan for growth.

Remote operations support

Includes all proactive support deliverables as well complete production infrastructure support and provides remote management of your critical servers, database besides the Nokia applications.

Extended software support

Provides protection for your legacy Nokia software assets after they have been discontinued and helps you sweat your assets while giving you time to prepare for migration to the next generation platform.


Off-the-shelf courses and customized training, so you and your organization can continuously build and develop the skills required to maximize the value from your investment in the Nokia solution.

Benefits and features

Speed and agility to resolve issues

  • Single point of contact
  • Faster time to resolve
  • Automation and predictive analytics tools
  • 24/7 global remote technical support

Reliability and security

  • Carrier-grade and built based on best practices
  • Continuous security checks & updates
  • 24/7 availability & emergency services

Proven expertise

  • 25 years of software support expertise
  • A team of more than 3000 care professionals
  • Global and on-site capabilities that span all of Nokia
  • Online technical resource & knowledge library

Flexible and progressive SLAs

  • Comprehensive: response, restore, & resolve
  • Value-based SLA for different levels of severity
  • Contract management support

Decrease in fault rate per subscriber


Reduction in mean time between failures


Reduction in time spent on network health issues


Reduction in service-impacting incidents


Reduction in time spent on maintenance operations


Service providers supported


Hours of effort saved through soft alarm reaction


Decrease in mean time to restore


Nokia products covered

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