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Startup and quick launch

Manage risks of new technology introduction and optimize network operations processes

Utilities are rapidly going digital to bring increased efficiency to the grid while enabling new revenue streams – a foundational step to the ‘digital utility’ is the transformation of their mission-critical communication infrastructure. Many utilities are in the process of replacing legacy TDM technologies with IP/MPLS or deploying private LTE networks. Addressing this as just technology transformation could present operational risks  – it is critical to align network operations transformation to mitigate these risks and fully exploit the potential of new technology from Day 1.

Startup and Quick launch service for network operations transformation

The Nokia Startup and Quick Launch service ensures our Utilities customers are well-prepared to reliably operate mission-critical networks while introducing new technologies, such as IP/MPLS and private LTE, into their infrastructure. Start Up and Quick Launch is an operations support and readiness assessment service -our experts help the existing workforce build essential network operations expertise, including the skills needed for service assurance and fulfilment. We also benchmark and optimize the overall operations state against industry best practices and frameworks, including Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Business Process Framework (eTOM). 

Mitigate risks

Manage risks of new technology introduction– fewer unexpected problems and costs

Optimize network operations

Optimize network operations processes through industry best practices


Fully exploit potential of IP/MPLS and pLTE from Day 1


Enhance staff competence and skills on new technologies

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