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Unleash the full potential of your broadband and build stronger connections with your customers with the complete coverage of Nokia WiFi

Find out how customers really feel about Wi-Fi

We reveal the real opinions and attitudes of customers towards broadband services like yours.

Report: attitudes towards Wi-Fi

Discover how Nokia WiFi could help you

Better network performance

Always deliver the best possible service and keep your customers perfectly connected with complete coverage all over the house.

Easier more efficient issue resolution

Avoid costly customer complaints with a self-healing broadband network that can quickly diagnose and remedy common problems. And for more complicated issues, in-home network visibility means you can offer more in-depth support remotely.

Savings and revenue opportunities

Reducing customer calls, resolving issues faster and avoiding call outs will all help reduce operational costs, while with improved performance and customer service you can power new growth.

Better network performance

With high performance antennae, real-time spectrum analysis and channel AI technology to optimize routing and mitigate interference, you can ensure your customers enjoy the full potential of your product.

Easier more efficient issue resolution

Rely on best-in-class technology for every step of the journey and gain visibility and control of in-home networks to ensure your broadband and service is the best it can be.

Savings and revenue opportunities

Improve your return on investment with a smarter, improved service your customers will love and want to enjoy for longer.

Better network performance

With no black-spots, overloads or interference customers will get a faultless experience they’ll love.

Easier more efficient issue resolution

Put consumers in control of their network like never before, with problems being fixed before they even realise and Wi-Fi that just works.

Savings and revenue opportunities

Enjoy the benefits of happy and loyal home users, reduce customer churn and increase your upsell opportunities with the Nokia WiFi solution.


Today, Wi-Fi performance is heavily reduced by interference. This could be both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference (non-Wi-Fi interference could come from microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, wireless speakers, and so on). The Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 is the only Wi-Fi device today, that has the ability to perform real-time spectrum analysis to detect and identify any source of interference.

The real-time spectrum analysis result is then fed into the Intelligent Channel Selection that uses this data to select the best possible channel, regardless of interference.


Key feature and benefit

The real-time interference detection and identification provides unique information to Intelligent Channel Selection, so that we can resolve any interference situation in real-time.


Tolly test report: comparative Wireless LAN performance

Here’s a report from Tolly measuring the top Wi-Fi devices available in the market. See how Nokia WiFi compares.

Tolly report

A pioneering partnership

Nokia has teamed up with AIS Fibre to launch the first in-home meshed Wi-Fi service in Thailand, delivering pioneering and innovative technology to supercharge their customer experience.

"By teaming up with Nokia, we are creating a new standard in home Wi-Fi networks that is unmatched in the industry. With exclusive access to Nokia's industry leading WiFi Beacon 3 solution, AIS customers will now be able to quickly and easily set up a home network that ensures Wi-Fi performance is delivered to every corner of the home."

Saran Phaloprakarn
Saran Phaloprakarn / Head of Fixed Broadband, AIS


Telecom Asia Wireless Home Technology of the Year award

The Nokia WiFi solution was awarded with the Telecom Asia Wireless Home Technology of the Year award, recognizing its ability to offer a faster, better, smarter and seamless service on every device, in every corner of the home.


IF Design Award

The Nokia WiFi solution received the IF Design Award 2018, in the category "Product". IF Design Award is one of the most important industrial design awards in the world.


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