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Set your broadband free

Unleash the full potential of your broadband and build stronger connections with your customers with the complete coverage of Nokia WiFi

Find out how customers really feel about Wi-Fi

We reveal the real opinions and attitudes of customers towards broadband services like yours.

Nokia WiFi: because first impressions count

The first impression your customers get of your broadband service is through their Wi-Fi. Make it count, then count the benefits to your business.

Keep your customers satisfied

  • Nokia WiFi solves problems before customers even notice.
  • Our mesh technology gives perfect coverage in every corner of the home.
  • Intelligent interference detection and mitigation make for the best Wi-Fi performance.

Reduce your costs

  • Better Wi-Fi means fewer helpdesk calls and truck rolls.
  • When they need it, helpdesk agents can get real-time visibility of the in-home network, devices and traffic.
  • Your network operations team can optimize all the Wi-Fi access points on your entire network.

Increase your revenues

  • Premium Wi-Fi encourages higher-tier broadband subscriptions.
  • Offer additional Beacons to extend the home coverage.
  • Add premium services, like managed Wi-Fi or advanced parental controls.

What your customers will love about Nokia WiFi


Nokia WiFi ensures the excellent broadband service you deliver to the home isn’t undone by poor Wi-Fi inside the home. Nokia WiFi eliminates all the usual customer frustrations: weak Wi-Fi in the bedroom; online gaming glitches; spinning wheels and frozen video. What’s more, Nokia WiFi gives you powerful tools for upselling services and reducing your operating costs.

What you’ll love about Nokia WiFi


Nokia WiFi ensures the excellent broadband service you deliver to the home isn’t undone by poor Wi-Fi inside the home. That drives customer loyalty, which then enables you to use the powerful functionality of Nokia WiFi for upsell opportunities and to reduce your operating costs.

Creating the ultimate in-home Wi-Fi network

beacon 1

Beacon 1

Incredible Wi-Fi. Unbelievable value. 

  • Supports HD and 4K video streaming 
  • A single Beacon 1 covers up to 1500 sq.ft / 140 m2 
  • Wi-Fi capacity: AC1200
beacon 3

Beacon 3

Looks smart. Acts smart. 

  • Supports 4K and 8K video streaming 
  • A single Beacon 3 covers up to 2000 sq.ft / 185 m² 
  • Wi-Fi capacity: AC3000
beacon 6

Beacon 6*

Next-level speed. Premium performance. 

  • The optimum mesh router with Wi-Fi 6 (AX4200) 
  • Lowest latency for a unique gaming experience
  • Supports multiple 8K video
  • The perfect in-home complement to 5G mobile

* Available for service provider trials


“The Beacon 3 is an all out performer, offering the best backhaul performance I've seen and solid 5GHz performance across all nodes.”


Tolly report

“Nokia WiFi delivers: the fastest throughput access point in single-AP tests, fastest throughput to “every corner” n 9 of 10 test locations in multi-Aps tests, Seamless roaming throughout the home, highest backhaul throughput, reliable Wi-Fi in the presence of interference.”

Tolly report

android central

“Nokia's new entry-level Beacon 1 mesh networking system features smart bandwidth optimization for a reliable Wi-Fi experience. Each beacon offers up to 1,500 square feet of coverage so you can eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots in your home, too.”

Android Central


“Nokia Beacon 1 creates a consistent, solid network that you'll be able to easily maintain.”


Economic times

“To enhance in-home experience, Nokia has said that a low-latency technology has been added to its WiFi portfolio. The Nokia Beacon 6 allows operators an easy to install solution which supports low-latency applications, essential for a seamless 5G experience.”

Economic Times

Mighty gadget

“I am pleasantly surprised at the performance of the Beacon 1, it appears to offer a range that is superior to more expensive systems, and this is the main thing mesh WiFi is trying to solve.”

Mighty Gadget

Telecom TV

“The gap between Wi-Fi and 5G, both in terms of the size of the market and the user experience, appears to be narrowing – further evidenced by Nokia's new Beacon 6. ”

Telecom TV


“Users just have to go through the simple, app-based setup once they plug in the mesh Wi-Fi router system and should be good to go in a few minutes after taking it out of the box. The Nokia Wi-Fi app will allow them to control the various features and functions of the Beacon 1.”


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