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Connecting cars: cellular vehicle-to-everything

Enable the introduction of innovative use cases for increased traffic safety and to enable automated driving

Nokia’s LTE CV2X solution combined with Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), provides a viable and cost-effective solution that can already now accelerate the adoption of Vehicle-to-Everything communications on the way to 5G. Multi-Access Edge Computing provides value generator opportunities for telecom, automotive and road operators offering new use cases and reducing the end-to-end total cost of ownership.

Nokia’s 5G C-V2X solution establishes key 5G capabilities like network slicing, predictable connectivity and ultra-reliable low latency communication (URLLC) as enablers for improved traffic safety and cooperative, connected and automated mobility.

Customer cases


The definition and implementation of a cooperative, connected, automated mobility requires co-operation of key eco-system members from automotive and telecommunications industry. Nokia is a founding member of 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) where the eco-system works together to harmonize and accelerate the introduction of intelligent transport and communication solutions

Car2X testbed on German motorway A9 in practice

Connecting vehicles over a local cloud makes driving safer

Nokia Car2X solutions, China

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