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Cloud networking for the automotive industry

Deliver applications for your customers through a secure and efficient connected car cloud network

Companies in virtually every enterprise sector today are using the cloud to gain IT agility, control costs and do more with their data. The automotive sector is no different. Advanced cloud, communications and networking technologies are transforming the car into a fully connected device — forever changing the way you engage with customers and collaborate with partners and suppliers.

With the right security infrastructure in mind, the car — like any connected device — is ready to receive all kinds of applications for drivers and passengers, and for the vehicle systems themselves.

In the connected world, the real-time linkage between devices and app developers has radically altered the way development is done. Instead of perfecting solutions offline and launching them to users, developers work inside the live environment, pushing out new apps and updates in a cycle of continuous refinement. This is what’s come to be called “DevOps,” a mashup of “development” and “operations.” And auto-sector companies will need a similar approach to support the connected car as a device. 

With DevOps, software developers and IT teams collaborate to iteratively build, test and release software quickly, frequently and with high quality. This requires a private cloud solution – a highly secure cloud accessible only to a single organization – to break down development and communication silos so that information can be shared across multiple business units. 

With this approach, the connected car becomes a powerful, sophisticated platform for continuous innovation and performance enhancement. Ultimately, connected car services will generate more revenue than the sale and servicing of cars. 

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